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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Making Your Home Solar Friendly

Chris Bale Phoenix NewspaperHere are two really exciting products for the New Year in the world of green.

Homeowners who want to be “Green the Easy Way” have the opportunity to employ solar roof tiles, enabling them to skip the space-consuming solar panels. The second product is making it possible to paint homes with a paint that generates electricity from “power-producers” embedded within it. This is currently being researched at the University of Notre Dame.

The pain– named “Sunbelievable”– looks no different from any other paint used to coat home exteriors and other surfaces. When exposed to sun or other light, the semi-conducting particles within Sunbelievable produce small amounts of electricity that researchers hope they can magnify in great enough amounts to power home appliances, Science Daily has reported.

“We want to do something transformative, to move beyond current silicon-based solar technology,” research leader and Notre Dame Professor Prashant Kamat said. “By incorporating power-producing nano-particles, called quantum dots, into a spreadable compound, we’ve made a one-coat solar paint that can be applied to any conductive surface without special equipment.”

Unfortunately the paint isn’t quite ready for primetime just yet, but technology is moving quickly.

“The best light-to-energy conversion efficiency we’ve reached so far is one percent, which is well behind the usual 10 to 15 percent efficiency of commercial silicon solar cells,” Kamat said. “But this paint can be made cheaply and in large quantities. If we can improve the efficiency somewhat, we may be able to make a real difference in meeting energy needs in the future.”

Another great product available in increasing supply is the solar roof tile. With it’s growing research and development as well, the idea of solar panels should quickly morph into integral roof tiles that are themselves part of the roof.

Streamlined, interlocking solar roof tiles fit the exact shape of your roof. With their exclusive interlocking mechanism, the tiles easily blend with the style and architecture of your home. While traditional solar panels sit on top of your roof, the solar roof tiles are integrated directly into it.

Fortunately, electronics companies have seen the light, and realized the market potential for better-looking solar panels that can be integrated into the roof of one’s house. Finally, there are now quite a few aesthetically appealing brands of BIPV, (or Building Integrated Photovoltaics) out in the marketplace today.

Sunslates, made by Atlantic Energy Systems are photovoltaic cells that can be mounted to traditional slate roofing. Bigger companies like General Electric, PowerLight, and Sharp have also jumped on the BIPV bandwagon. So now that you know how easy and stylish it can now be to revamp your house for solar power, what are you waiting for? You can get more information from our real estate team.

The market for solar energy is growing at more than 30 percent a year. States that have been particularly hard-hit with energy concerns in the past decade are trying to make the conversion to solar power. Sunny Arizona should quickly move from third to first in the solar category.

According to a Dec. 15 report released by the Solar Energy Industries Assn., more solar installations occurred in the third quarter of this year than during all of 2009, the Los Angeles Times reported. “The U.S. solar industry is on a roll, with unprecedented growth in 2011,” Rhone Resch, the chief executive of the solar group, told the Los Angeles Times, “Solar is now an economic force in dozens of states, creating jobs across America.” Sounds good for Arizona.

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Written by Chris Bales


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