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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Local Company Bringing Together Sports Events, Homeowners

What happens when you connect a real estate expert who loves sports with a web entrepreneur with an eye for design? You get  SportsEventRentals.com.

The web-based business offers individuals across the globe an opportunity to list their single-family homes,  condominiums or apartments for rent in conjunction with major sports events in their area.

The idea was born over a beer between real estate expert Bob Hayes and entrepreneur and web designer Todd Brenneman.

Inspired by the Valley’s double-play in 2008 when the Phoenix metropolitan area hosted both the Super Bowl and the PGA’s FBR Open in one weekend, Brenneman and Hayes marveled at the fact that thousands had flocked to the Valley, putting any type of rental space at a premium.

Brenneman recalled how his parents, who own a home on the Medinah Country Club’s golf course just outside of Chicago, rented their home for the  PGA’s Ryder Cup.

“We should rent our homes out,” they both agreed.

Interested in the possibility, Hayes and Brenneman researched the concept.

“We went online and there really wasn’t much out there,” Hayes said.

Nothing that either of the Chicago natives would have felt comfortable listing their homes with; instead they found sites that earned commissions off each rental and didn’t give off any warm and fuzzy vibes.

Given the number of major sports events that take place across the country, and even the globe, plus the number of people interested in rentals versus hotel rooms, Brenneman and Hayes decided to pursue the idea on their own.

“We wanted a site that looked fantastic,” Hayes said, “that made people feel comfortable and with a price that made them feel comfortable.”

While both men invested their own money, Brenneman designed the site and its topography and hired a fellow software programmer to help create the site and Hayes offered his real estate expertise.

The finished product, though both men agree they’re continually improving the site’s look and functionality to best meet their clients’ needs, was a website that provided an annual $50 listing fee, space for photos and descriptions and contact information so that owners and renters could  connect directly.

“The resident will have more comfort dealing direct and knowing we’re not getting a commission,” Hayes said.

For the $50 fee, owners can link their available space to all related sports events in their given area for an entire year. For example, in Arizona, the site includes games for all 15 spring training teams across the Valley, the recent Waste Management Phoenix Open in February and the  upcoming Major League Baseball All-Star Weekend scheduled in early July 2011.

Just under two years old, the South Mountain- based online company has already seen a great deal of interest. Created at the height of the  economic crisis and funded entirely by its owners, the company, according to Hayes, was debt free within six months after its initial launch. However, the success isn’t enjoyed solely by SportsEventRentals.com.

“The coolest thing about this site,”Brenneman said, “especially in an economy like this, is that our clients have a chance to make money off their homes.”

But, SportsEventRentals.com doesn’t just help those listing their homes; it also helps people both in the U.S. and across the globe find the right space for the right price in the right place.

The site not only includes photos, descriptions, and pricing, but also a Google Maps link that helps renters see just how close a home or condo is to the event their planning to attend.

According to the business partners, the Super Bowl has been one of the biggest events since the site’s inception about two years ago. Anything  within 10-15 miles of the Super Bowl stadium seems to garner interest.

That being said, homes in the South Mountain area are in a prime position for the upcoming week-long All-Star celebration that will take place downtown at the Phoenix Convention Center and Chase Field. Other events include the NASCAR race in November and the Ironman Triathlon in  Tempe. But, the site’s listings don’t stop in Arizona. They offer homelike havens for sports fans across the U.S. and around the world, such as in London for the 2012 Summer Olympics. And already there are listings for beachfront condos available for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio d  Janeiro, Brazil.


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