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Sunday, July 22, 2018

A New Vision for Phoenix

Ray Kopakowski realized he had a special gift, one with a far-reaching impact on his life. For some reason people came to him at age 19 seeking help. Ranging from babies with colic to adults with headaches, this special ability to draw people to him and find solutions to their physical problems would be something of a constant. Through a combination of experiences and circumstances, the man who gained a reputation early for assisting those in need now finds himself providing relief, insight and a way to help others help themselves through his practice, New Vision Healing Arts Center in Phoenix.
What originally began as a search for a place to practice hypnotherapy and life coaching for himself quickly transformed into something just a bit different. After a period of time passed seeking out a place to perform the healing arts, good fortune provided him with a centrally located venue in Phoenix. When the owner of the building that would become the home for Kopakowski’s vision realized what this entailed, arrangements were made quickly by Allen Bulman to make certain that a space would be secured. Clearly, Bulman supported the idea that would become New Vision Healing Arts Center.
Near the corner of 19thAvenue and Camelback Road, what was once an unassuming office space would become a gathering area, one with a very different identity. Open in just a few months, the exterior resembles many similar downtown commercial complexes. However, once past the front door, it is apparent that you have entered a very different environment.
From the drums situated in a corner—Kopakowski was a percussionist with several well-known musicians –to colorful art work on the walls and sedate carpets on the floor, with just a minimum of design detail, the interior has a calming effect that begins the moment you take those first steps to enter. Much of this is attributed to Kopakowski himself. Speaking in relaxed, but confident tones, he has the ability to effectively communicate his vision, while at the same time creating a tranquil mood that is ideal for total relaxation.
Coming from a diverse background as a musician, including playing with Joe Top, and a resume that includes having been an accomplished dancer with the Philadelphia Ballet Company, there was even a time he was involved with rebuilding the Lyceum Theater in San Diego. From those diverse experiences, Kopakowski eventually found himself compelled to assist others. Now he is in a position to provide an outlet for those performing somewhat similar healing types of projects.
When he realized that many massage therapists and those with healing skills had few–if any–venues to practice their abilities, except in their homes, Kopakowski decided that his space, in addition to providing a venue for himself, would equally serve as an open space for others as well. Being that his office is located where many massage therapy schools are situated, this makes yet another ideal combination of space and opportunity.
The concept for New Vision Healing Arts is that anything that provides help, assistance or in some way offers solutions for others are welcome to present workshops and/or attend them. This includes Reiki, hypnotherapy, life coaching, as well as lectures and workshops. Keeping the costs low and the space open, the concept is about healing and creating workshops, lectures and events that are constructed along these lines. Whatever the subject, if it is to help someone with a problem, it’s significant. “Everyone’s problem is the most important to them,” said Kopakowski, who emphasizes solutions and long-term answers.
Providing support and a home for those with special healing abilities, Kopakowski is also sharing his knowledge in book form. Still in progress, “ A Different Take” will be a book that looks at the ways we live our lives and alternatives to improving the quality of life. Once called a “myth defier,” Kopakowski’s book will focus on his insights collected from lectures, workshops and presentations assembled into an in-depth look at our society and ways to improve personal well being.
Although the space is a recent arrival to phoenix, the like minded and others involved in similar activies have been holding workshops and presentations at New Vision. In November, a variety of workshops, programs and presentations took place. Noel Merkel, a seasoned yoga instructor for more than 13 years offered instruction for beginners and those on a more advanced level.
From an open house with a free drum circle to Reiki, the list of activities and events is broad in scope. There are even cross-disciplined approaches as well. Merging hypnotherapy with the Yoga, both Kapowski and Merkel created a multi-level experience that ties meditation to physical activity, providing a unique way to combine mental healing with physical activity.
When Kopakowski said, “whomever wants to come will benefit,” he sincerely meant it. From the slate of offerings, there is certainly something for everyone and definitely food for thought and contemplation.


5039 N. 19th Avenue, Suite 8, Phoenix, AZ 85015 · Get Directions

Email: Ray.NewVisionHealingArtsCenter@gmail.com

Coming soon: www.newvisionhealingartscenter.com

Written by Kurt von Behrmann


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