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Friday, November 16, 2018

Your Perfect Patio Brought to Life

We all want our outdoor patios
to be somewhat of a sanctuary. Someplace where we can bring our friends for entertainment, a place to enjoy the warm southwest sunshine and place that we can call our perfect patio. Now take a moment and picture your perfect patio. What do you see yourself and your family and friends doing and enjoying? Maybe you see yourself relaxing to the sound of flowing water. Maybe you see your family gathered around a warm fire roasting marshmallows. Maybe you want to garden and raise organic vegetables. Your perfect patio may include an outdoor kitchen, water features, fire pits, raised planters, covers or even seating. These features make your patio more fun and entertaining, but they also add to the quality of your home.

Outdoor kitchens, BBQ islands, wood ovens and smokers are a great way to help feed your family and entertain your guests, and their popularity across the country is growing significantly. It’s easy to see why so many people are eager to have these on their perfect patio. They offer specialized cooking options, especially the wood ovens and smokers, and there are so many designs to choose from. There are a variety of ways to build your perfect outdoor kitchen, starting with masonry being the strongest, followed by steel stud and concrete board construction
as well. The best part about having an outdoor kitchen or BBQ island is that it can be affordable. It all depends on your budget and how elaborate you want to go. The structure can be finished with materials ranging from stucco, faux or natural stone to tile– list goes on and on.

Water features can be used as a small detail or a focal point that can really tie your patio together. Water features can be big or small, and simple or complex, depending on the look you’re going for. They can add soft soothing splishing or loud raucous splashing to set the mood or cover neighborhood noise. Water features range from ponds or pond-less water features, all the way to fountains and can be truly custom creations.

Fire features can range from fire pits to fireplaces and either can be wood burning, propane or gas. Once again, depending on size, budget, and style of fire pits can be pretty affordable. Some other cool features include lava rock or fire glass, which can be placed over a

gas/propane-fired ring or you can have a true wood-burning fire pit. Most outdoor fireplaces are gas heated rather than wood, partly due to convenience as well as frequent no burn days in Maricopa County.

Raised bed planters can be used in many different ways: patio seating, add planting height to a wall or planting area, and are a back friendly for veggie gardening. Building materials range from stack block, interlocking block, and masonry and stucco. Wall caps can be made of several materials like travertine, pavers, bullnose pavers, concrete block caps and flagstone. And while wood is an easy DIY building material for raised bed planters it isn’t generally recommended for making permanent planters in our area due to termite activity and decay rate.

Patio covers come in many colors, shapes, sizes and materials like open aluminum slats, solid aluminum, open close aluminum louvers, natural wood slats, colorful canvas shade sails and many more. The best part is, they can fit into almost any budget.

Seating areas are a must-have for the true enjoyment of your outdoor space. Seat walls can easily be added to landscape designs and can also double as retaining walls and planter walls. They are generally constructed with masonry blocks or stack blocks and topped with bullnose pavers or other curved edged material for comfort on your knees as you sit. But other more custom materials are used as well, like the gabion seat wall in the patio photo above.

Did you see your perfect patio here? Any of these can be an easy addition to an existing landscape or included in a remodel-and all of them add comfort, beauty, function and a great area for your outdoor living. In Phoenix, we truly live in our outdoor spaces, why not make yours a place you love to live in. SMDN

Kari Petterson is the sales & marketing coordinator for Terra Verde Landscape Solutions. She can be reached at 480-497-8200 or kari@ terraverdelandscape.com



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