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Friday, November 16, 2018

Heat Things Up This Winter

We love our outdoor space, but let’s face it, there are two times of year where our yard becomes unusable – nights in the dead of winter and afternoons in the height of summer. To get the most out of your outdoor space this winter, consider adding a fire feature.

Fire features can use either wood or gas and can be as simple as a pre-manufactured table that you set up on your patio, as elegant as an outdoor fireplace or as artistic as a fire on water.

There are multitudes of ready-to-buy options available on the market that range in all budgets. They can be built-in at ground level, above ground or partially exposed above ground.

Adding a gas fire pit is slightly more costly. Be sure you have gas available in your area or know that you will have a tank stashed somewhere in the yard. Building a gas fire pit will involve inspections, trenching in a gas line and installing a pre-made kit or building a custom design. So, prices will vary widely depending on the design and site conditions in your yard.

If adding a fire feature into your existing landscape stirs your embers, you’re local landscape company should be able to help with a design that fits your needs.



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