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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Roosevelt Schools Best Option for SM Students

OrtizIt is with sadness and melancholy that I bid a fond farewell to the Roosevelt School District and the South Mountain Community after six years of service to this area. It has been great having the South Mountain District News as a partner in helping us get the good word out about our neighborhood schools.

I am leaving with a sense of accomplishment in knowing that as a district, we have been able to share so many successes with all of you over the years. Roosevelt truly has so much to offer parents and their children. For example, Roosevelt offers free Pre-school and Headstart programs aimed at giving young children a leg up prior to starting Kindergarten.

Roosevelt also offers free full-day Kindergarten. This is extremely important for parents that have to work. Other places only offer half-day Kindergarten. While parents are at work, children are learning valuable skills that will help them succeed in school and in life.

Roosevelt offers after school programs at many of its schools through 21st Century grants and Extended Day, including tutoring and cultural arts enrichment classes. RSD also offers art, music, and physical education classes district-wide. These classes are important to students in helping them to express themselves artistically and physically. Students who enjoy and do well in these class offerings are more engaged in the classroom and generally do better when they have other interests that motivate them to stay in school.

Being able to engage with parents is very important. That is why each school in the Roosevelt School District has a parent resource center staffed by friendly, bilingual employees who are there solely to assist parents with their individual needs, whether it is providing books for children to read from their lending libraries or connecting them with social services. This is above and beyond what most other school districts offer.

The Roosevelt School District prides itself on its state-of-the-art technology, which allows for teachers to use the latest tools to teach kids in the classroom. Gone are the blackboards of yester-year. They have all been replaced with interactive Smartboards that provide motion and animation to engage young minds. Technology, including the use of I-Pads, lap tops, and I-Pods, keeps students interested in their lessons and the more student’s pay attention, the more they are able to learn and comprehend.

At Roosevelt, we tend to all of the needs of our students including our free breakfast and lunch programs for families that are in need. Our Child Nutrition Services is top-notch. They make sure that the school menus reflect the latest guidelines of the U.S.D.A. as far as portions and nutrition that our students should be getting. Every cafeteria in our district has a salad bar, allowing students healthy options as part of their meal program.

We’ve also made it easy for all of you to stay in touch with us and follow us as we have launched social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Just do a search for the “Roosevelt School District” whenever you are on those platforms and feel free to “like” us, re-tweet us, or share any of our photos on Instagram.

Finally, it has been a pleasure working with the staff and students of the Roosevelt School District and I will miss them all dearly. I wish the South Mountain Community the very best of luck in the future. It is a community that is near and dear to my heart going back to all the years I spent promoting South Mountain High School and its Magnet programs when I worked for the Phoenix Union High School District.

I wish nothing but the best for the teachers, students, parents, and administrators of the Roosevelt School District. The 2016-2017 school year will be a great one.

Remember to enroll your students prior to the start of the school year on August 1st. The number to call for more information is 602-243-4800.

Written by By Joseph Ortiz


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