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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Love of Horses Leads to Equine Therapy Business

Horse stalls mountainThere are not many people who provide a pet for their potbelly pig, but on Tami Blake’s little ranch in Laveen, the pig has a duck.

“They sleep together. They entertain each other. The duck rides around on her back. It picks off bugs,” said Blake.

But, the pig and duck are not the only residents of the 10 acres. There are dogs, cats and other horses.

She has loved horses for her entire life.

Blake said she has only recently discovered she has a special feeling for horses even though she has been riding since she was 8 or 9.

“I never knew I had a gift with them until about five years ago. I can feel their energy,” she said. “They know I am their friend. It has always been there, I just didn’t recognize it.”

And also recently, she has parlayed her love of horses into a business called The Enlightened Horse, where she uses light therapy acupuncture with red and near red infrared lights to help balance horses.

She said the way the therapy works is that after scanning a horse’s body looking for stress points, she uses the lights to relieve pressure and pain.

“It’s a noninvasive way to help balance your horse,” Blake said.

  • It balances energy points like acupuncture
  • Relaxes muscles like a massage
  • Realigns the skeleton like a chiropractic treatment
  • Increases circulation
  • Speeds wound healing

She said she got involved in the treatment while looking for a certain saddle when someone to whom she was talking started talking about the treatment.

Blake had a 30-year-old horse at the time bought the equipment to use for treatment on her own horse.

“After she was done, she (the horse) was standing straighter and moving freer,” she said.

A year later, another of her horses tore his meniscus which was helped by the treatment.

“I bought the equipment to help my own horses, but I was certified in 2013 to help other horses,” she said. “I even do dogs now.”

To increase her knowledge of horses Blake said that a few years ago, she took a college-level class that was taught by a veterinarian in equine anatomy and physiology. It was quite extensive and she learned about horses inside and out.

She has started seriously pursuing her business by appearing at places like The Pet Expo and by advertising.

Her business is based at her home, but she will go anywhere she is needed, she said.

Blake was born in Phoenix, but moved to the Inland Empire of California where she was raised, but returned in 1977 after graduating from high school.

She married Dave in 1979. They have three kids and five grandkids. The couple moved to Laveen in 2005.

“I love the rural atmosphere,” she said.

Blake, 56, said she is thinking seriously about competing in barrel racing.

She said she also answers phones for the family business Blake Machine Company, an industrial machine shop.

To learn more about the Enlightened Horse call Blake at 602-790-9404.











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