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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Custom Fog Systems to Keep Your Patio Cool

FogImagine its early evening in late June. Your open/close patio cover is shading the patio but its still 105 degrees in the shade at 6 p.m . It looks beautiful out there and you’d love to have your dinner party outside but there’s no way you’re setting foot outside much less entertaining there.

There’s no reason to resign yourself to a summer time of hibernation if you invest in a fogger system. Not a mister system; a fogger system is the new platinum standard for outdoor cooling. Old mister technology left us with wet clothes and flat hair. But a higher end fogging system should leave you “feeling the cool rush” according to Steve Sommers of Arizona Fog Wizards.   And he says a well-designed system can drop the temperature in an area as much as 30 degrees over the course of three hours.

There is a huge range of available systems from low-end, do-it-yourself options to exceptional quality custom installs. The major difference between these systems comes down to one word: longevity. Paying for a better system means years of better performance. The cost difference on a standard 30- to 50-foot length system will range in price from $1,500 to $2,000 for a low-end system to $2,500 to $3,500 for the high-end type sold by Arizona Fog Wizards. But the difference in longevity can mean 10 years for a quality motor vs. three for a low-end choice.

But longevity isn’t the only difference. A custom system will allow for variable pressure so the moisture droplets are tiny and perfect for each specific location. Gone are the wet-wall days from old mister systems. Fogging systems should provide a true evaporative cooling effect, leaving you, your furniture and your patio dry.

Custom systems will also direct the fog pattern to create the environment you desire. A fog pattern is the pattern in which the moisture is directed into an area like a blanket, perimeter, or inverted (aka ground up) pattern. In addition to patio fog, you can also design pool fog, fog for separate seating areas, cooling on walls to reduce the radiant heat effect, front porch areas–-anywhere around your house or business where you want the temperature controllable.

If you’re having a new house built, a custom system can even be inset so the nozzles are barely visible and yet accessible for maintenance. Custom systems are easily added to new or existing open/close patio covers, attached patios, new and existing pools as well as new and existing landscapes.

So what’s a better system? According to Sommers, do not use copper, plastic or PVC. A quality system will be constructed with high-grade stainless steel (316 is the highest grade, which has the highest nickel content), brass or ceramic nozzles and a higher quality motor/regulator/pump set up. Ceramic nozzles are a huge leap forward for fogging; they clog much less often, which brings us to the topic of maintenance.

Clogged nozzles happen due to dry-up residue between uses.   Normally a system might have three to five clogged nozzles per season, except ceramics have much less. Maintenance includes replacing these nozzles when needed, annually changing the oil and filter on the motor, and adhering to shut down/start up procedures that eliminate water and debris in the lines and pump. And check for leaks. The fogger company may even offer a maintenance package so you don’t have to mess with anything.

So, with a moderate investment and some easy and affordable maintenance, you’ve transformed your patio into the Eden of entertainment –-even in June.

To learn more about adding a fogging system to a Solara patio system, contact our office at 602-437-2233.








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