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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Lifelong Love

flowersBesides lifelong love, one of the best gifts my late father gave Mom was the gift of lifelong flowers. He planted flowers and blooming plants everywhere in every form: roses, wildflowers, herbs, trees, annuals, perennials, vines and shrubs. There is almost no time of year when Mom doesn’t have something blooming around the house.

When her roses begin to bloom again, vases will fill her house (and mine) for months on end. Little wildflower daisies will spring to life on the front hillside in a carpet of blooms. Her perennials and annuals offer an amazing color array. He even sent a heart-shaped rose from heaven on the day of their 50th anniversary in December.

Each time she steps into the garden whether it’s to tackle a chore, pick a flower or have a morning latte, she’s reminded of that longstanding gift again and celebrates his love of gardening and her love of flowers.

With February being the month of Love, think about celebrating your love of gardening and flowers and plant a lasting gift. Below is a list of plants, shrubs, vines, annuals and perennials that bloom in the month of February in our corner of the universe. And for a list of what blooms in each calendar month or what annual flower seeds to plant visit the website gardenerseden.net for the Bloom Calendar and Seed Planting Guide to aid your next planting selection.


African Daisy Texas mountain laurel
Ageratum Gelsemium sempervirens
Alyssum Carolina jessamine
Bachelor Button Eremophila maculata
Calif. Bluebells Emu Bush
Calif. Poppy Hardenbergia violacea
Delphinium Desert Lilac vine
Gallardia Sophora secundiflora
Gazania Cassias
Gypsophila Pyrus ‘Kawakami’
Hollyhocks Flowering pear
Larkspur Bauhinia variegata
Pansy Orchid tree (purple)
Petunia Jasminum mesnyi
Phlox Primrose jasmine
Poppy Plumbago (blooms until frost)
Shasta Daisy Gazania (blooms until frost)
Snapdragon Salvia leucantha
Sweet Pea Mexican bush sage (blooms stopped by frost)


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