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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Laveen District Adopts New Curriculum

 School crossing sign 2The Laveen Elementary School District has announced it will implement new math and reading curriculum when school starts in the fall. That means new textbooks, new workbooks and new learning resources for Laveen students.


Teams of teachers, instructional coaches and administrators dedicated hundreds of hours to review and evaluate mathematics and English language arts programs that are aligned to the Arizona College and Career Ready Standards.


“Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards require students to demonstrate a deep understanding of math and develop strong critical thinking skills. In English language arts, the standards call for an integrated approach to teaching reading, writing, language, speaking and listening,” said Laveen’s Executive Director of Academic Services Kathy Davis on the need for updated curricula.


The mathematics committee selected My Math for grades kindergarten through 5 and Glencoe Mathematics for grades 6 through 8. Both programs are published by McGraw-Hill. The English language arts committee selected Reading Wonders, also by McGraw-Hill, for grades K through 3. Reading Street was selected for grades 4 and 5 and Common Core Literature for grades 6 through 8; both are published by Pearson.


Both the math and English language arts curricula are aligned to the new state standards and have a digital platform giving students the ability to access resources, activities and other online tools.


The new curriculum won’t just impact these two subject areas.


“We strive to promote literacy across all of our content areas, exposing students to a rich balance of fiction and nonfiction texts. Students read selections from a wide range of text types and integrate research, writing and media skills through the use of student technology devices,” noted Davis.


Laveen’s Governing Board approved the mathematics curriculum in May 2013 and the English language arts curriculum last month. Teachers are participating in numerous professional development opportunities to prepare for the upcoming school year.


The new curriculum adoption was made possible by the capital override approved by Laveen residents in 2012.



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