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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Mandalay Homes Leading Way for Environmentally Friendly Building

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With two recent awards already under his belt for building environmentally friendly homes, Dave Everson owner of Mandalay Homes is poised to be one of the leaders in the future of home building in the Valley of the Sun, including South Phoenix.


Last summer the company earned a national award from the Department of Energy as “grand winner “ in the Affordable Home Building category. Last fall it earned an award from Arizona Forward for innovation. That one he shared with his partner, the City of Phoenix, which included a trophy.


“They have it down at city hall,” he joked. “I don’t get to set it on my mantle,” he said.


Seriously though, Everson said the awards are important for shinning a spotlight on his efforts for building energy and environmentally friendly homes for the future.


“It does help us to have some national recognition, which adds credibility when the buying public looks at different home builders,” he said.


Everson said there are new building codes and energy standards that prove helpful to him. “For the first time you can measure their quality,” he said. “It is a tangible measurement. Now the family can see how well a home is being built.”


Everson describes the building of an environmentally correct home like baking a cake.


“If you leave out the salt, it tastes wrong,” he said. “You have to have the right recipe.”


The “ingredients,” for the company’s “recipe,” include applied technology, efficient cooling and heating, the right insulation, windows, efficiently heated water and thermal barrier and indoor air quality.


With the new Montana Vista development in South Phoenix at 16th Street and Dobbins Road, Mandalay began building its homes meeting the basic Energy Star standards, but halfway through, company officials decided to change all the plans.


The Home Energy Rating System or HERS, measures a home’s energy efficiency. A Energy Star rating is about 85 on the HERS index. In this case the lower the rating the better.


“As of September of last year, we are building 100 percent of our homes with an energy rating 25 percent better than Energy Star.


“We rethought the whole home including the design of the home, how they set next to each other and the whole combination of all these elements,” he said.


And they check their work.


“We individually test each home after it is completed to assure that it is performing correctly,” he said.


Everson said consumers are becoming much more aware of how a home rates on the energy scale.


“It’s amazing how much people are paying attention to water conservation and indoor air quality,” he said.


Mandalay Homes has communities in Phoenix, Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley and Payson. It has been in business since 1999.


More information is a available by calling 602-864-3800 or visit the website at www.mandalayhomes.com








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