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Friday, July 20, 2018

Valle del Sol Committed to Quality of Life for Families

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor families facing poverty, mental illness, substance abuse, academic challenges, involvement with the legal system, the heartache of violence and broken families, Valle del Sol’s Youth & Family Services department meets the children’s needs in a client-centered and supportive approach. With six multidisciplinary teams comprised of peers and professionals, the staff is committed to enhancing the quality of life for families in our community.


Children and families receive services within the Arizona Best Practice Model emphasizing the unique strengths and needs of each child utilizing the Child and Family Team (CFT) process, services are tailored to meet those specific needs. Most importantly, clinical staff helps youth and families regain a feeling of inspiration to live fulfilled lives. Services provided include crisis intervention, case management, individual, family and group counseling, psychiatric evaluations and medication monitoring, behavior coaching, intensive outpatient treatment for substance use issues, family support and pediatric services.


Clinical care is provided to children and their families by a multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists, nurses and nurse practitioners, master level therapists, experienced CFT facilitators, family support specialists, behavior coaches, clinical and program supervisors and interpreters. The multidisciplinary team determines the acuity level during enrollment and assesses clinical need throughout treatment. Services are provided in a coordinated effort in the least restrictive setting required to accomplish the families expressed goals and outcomes. The treatment team works in concert with the child and their family to develop a treatment and discharge plan based on goals identified during the intake and enrollment process.


As an example of our care for youth, let me tell you about a young girl named Angel. She began to attend Valle del Sol’s Youth and Family Services program shortly after her dad began receiving counseling and medical services from the agency. Angel lives with her dad, who she adores. The two have a very relaxed and loving relationship, and it is clear that they enjoy being together. But although she truly loves her dad a lot and is happy to be living with him, there are still times when Angel misses her mom and wants to be with her. She says, “Since the problems happened with my mom, it’s been hard sometimes to be without her. Dad tries his best and everything, but sometimes I still miss her.” Now that she has a place to go and express what is bothering her, Angel said she is feeling a lot better.


“I used to come for personal counseling and now I’m going to lots of group therapies. When I’m in the group, I can talk about my feelings with other people, and it really helps.”


Angel is doing much better in all other areas of her life. She gets good grades in school, and because she is able to get her feelings out with others, she can focus during her classes. About going to Valle del Sol and attending the group classes, she simply states, “The part I like the best is how it helps me with all of my problems, so I don’t have to worry about a thing. All of my stress just goes away.”


Improving the lives of young people assists them and their families to live their lives healthy and inspired. Angel is one example of the work we’re doing at Valle del Sol with youth and children in our community.




Mr. Kurt Sheppard is chief executive officer of Valle del Sol, a health care nonprofit organization that combines primary care and mental health services for an integrated approach to treat the whole person.


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