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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Business As Usual For Pro’s Ranch Market

Pro Ranch MarketShoppers need not worry that they will be unable to find their favorite products now that Pros Ranch Market has been sold because the new owners offer pretty much the same choices.


The Ranch Market chain was sold last month for $55 million to Cardenas Northgate Group, which is made up of two market chains, both based in California and has a combined total of 67 stores in California and Nevada, said Mike Hendry, spokesman for the company.


The Northgate Group made an agreement with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court to purchase the Ranch Market group which filed Chapter 11 last June citing the weakened economy and the state’s negative attitude toward Latino immigrants. Ranch Market has seven stores in Arizona, two in New Mexico and two in Texas, including a Southside location at 5833 S. Central Avenue. The family-owned chain was in business for 31 years.


In 2012 Ranch Markets was name Arizona Retailer of the year by the Arizona Food Marketing Association.


“The sale was completed on February 10 and since we have been in operation mode,” Hendry said. ‘What made this (purchase) attractive is that all three of our companies have a similar market position and are offering the core services like the tortileria, a wide variety of hot foods, fresh-baked breads are very similar,” Hendry said


“There is a lot of synergy by the way we go to market. In the marketplace we are seeing a growing demand for these types of food.”


He said with the new configuration, it will be easier to appeal to the growing Hispanic market, but also reaching out to the non-Hispanic market which desires quality products.


According to Hendry, Cardenas does not intend to close any of the stores. Instead the company hopes to open more stores in the future.


Hendry said he does not foresee any immediate changes in the newly acquired stores.


“We intend to build on what has been there and introduce some new products,” he said. “I don’t see any taking away, only more additions.”


He also said a name change for the Ranch Markets is not part of the plan at the moment.


The new owner will use Ranch Market’s 80,000 square-foot corporate offices and 151,000 square foot warehouse space.

And, he said, Cardenas hopes to keep the 2,500 employees who currently work for the Ranch Markets.


“We hope to retain as many as possible and grow some positions,” he said. “We are working to make offers to all the qualified people we can.”


“We’ve know [the Pro’s Ranch Market] family and operation for years, so we are just really happy to be able to combine the operations and embark in new territories,” Hendry said.


Pro’s Ranch Market is located at 5833 S. Central Avenue in the South Mountain Village. Contact the store at 602-276-3800.


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