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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

District Hiring Security and Safety Advisor

Jerry Oliver Roosevelt Schools

The Roosevelt School District has hired a former Phoenix Police Detective to analyze and advise on the district’s and the schools’ safety and emergency plans as part of its ongoing commitment to ensure the safety and security of its students and staff. Jerry Oliver, security and safety advisor for the district, will also serve as a law enforcement liaison for the district. Part of Oliver’s responsibilities will be to update, revise and implement security and safety practices within the schools and to physically visit each site to develop a needs-based analysis for each campus. Oliver will also ensure that each school has a current emergency response plan. Additional duties will be to serve as a safety and security advisor to the district superintendent and the governing board.

Oliver said he wants to build on the positive relationship between the Roosevelt School District, law enforcement and the community.

“With my 24 years of experience and a lifetime of being associated with the community the Roosevelt School District serves, I understand the needs and culture of both the South Phoenix Community and the law enforcement community.”

Making parents feel comfortable and safe in sending their children to school is a concern, no matter where you live,” added Oliver.

“School staff should also feel that they are working in a safe environment and that current procedures are in place to secure the safety of everyone.” Oliver wants students and staff to understand the importance of fire and lockdown drills. “Preparedness is the key to prevention,” said Oliver.

Oliver added that he is a parent and a community member.

“I am a new Roosevelt School District employee and newly-retired Phoenix Police detective,” said Oliver. “For those reasons, I have a vested interest in the success and safety of the Roosevelt School District community.“


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