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Friday, November 16, 2018

Laveen Utilizing Web Page CrimeStop Web Page

For the third night in a row, your neighbor’s dog has been barking non-stop. What can you do? Who can you call? When are you ever going to get a good night’s sleep?

Laveen residents have a new resource in the new CrimeStop Page on Laveen. org that can lend a hand. On the website is a list of phone numbers of who to call about everything from barking dogs to domestic abuse. It also lists crime alerts and activities of Neighborhood Watch and Neighborhood Patrol.

In the works for some time, the purpose of the website is to get information out to the community so it can fight back against crime in their neighborhoods.

“Whether its simple blight and graffiti to more serious offenses, the hope for this page is for it to become a one-stop to CrimeStop!,” said the website.

Krag Klages, its webmaster and past president of the Laveen Community Council said there is not a lot of serious crime in the Laveen area.

“The economy the way it has been and not a lot for kids to do in Laveen, we have a lot petty crime, graffiti, vandalism, tire cuttings, house parties, dogs barking, things like that when you add them up makes a community not as fun to live in,” he said. “”It’s not superhero crime here. It’s more like fighting the quantity of small crimes little-by-little. Just stop one more small thing from happening.”

Klages credits resident Stephanie Scovell for getting the ball rolling on the project.
“She has done so much for the community, as far Neighborhood Watch and putting things together. She has been phenomenal,” he said.

Scovell refuses to take credit for it however.

“The crime stop page was an idea by many. Too often, when we are victims of a crime, we forget to do the important things such as calling police department, or alerting our neighbors. This page serves as a reference point for the residents,” she said.

Scovell said she does an email of crime alerts founded in 2007 by Carol Pacey of the Laveen Association of Homeowners Associations.

“The crime stop page is an extension of that,” she said. “The Laveen Community Council had the idea of putting it on the website. I just contribute to it the news I get from the residents themselves.”

The beauty of the website is its simplicity, Klages said.

On the website is a list of phone numbers all in one place that people didn’t know or didn’t know how to gain access to it.

“If a dog is barking all night, there is a phone number you can call,” he said.

“Stephanie used to send an email out once a month,” he said. “Part of the goal if this new system in the future will be crime alerts and hopefully a whole new CrimeStop page in three to six months,” he said.

He also hopes with this new website, other people besides himself will be able to update it.

It is still definitely a work in progress, so check back for updates. And of course, if you have any suggestions contact  “http://Laveen.org.”


Written by Patty McCormac


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