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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Yourland Opening First-Of-Its-Kind Fuel Station

 Gas Pump

Yourland, the cultural mixed-use redevelopment center on the southwest corner of 16th Street and Buckeye Road, recently added a fuel station that’s like no other in the Valley – and possibly even the nation.


In addition to offering gas, the sustainable, green “energy center” – powered in part by solar panels – has electric vehicle and propane stations. Every pump also includes diesel and ethanol alternative fuel.


Furthermore, plans are underway to add a sustainable food program within the next month or so. About 10 percent of the floor space will be dedicated to organic and natural foods. A mural already inside the facility details the site’s development, as well as development of food retail in general.


“We always wanted to have a form of a gas station on the property because part of our mission is to be a gateway between Sky Harbor (Airport) and the Phoenix metro area,” said Martha + Mary’s Sloane McFarland, developer and owner of Yourland.


Of course, the car rental facility next door also made a gas station a sensible choice.


“We really wanted to push the envelope on what could be done in a renewable space and yet still fulfill our mission,” McFarland added.


The station was designed and built in collaboration with Carioca Co. The company’s president, Marvin Rose, said energy efficiency and offering all available fuels were big priorities.


“I just decided when I built that store we could be user-friendly and still be able to be profitable,” said Rose, adding that he’s soon constructing an identical store off Interstate 17 near New River.


The 20-acre Yourland property has been in McFarland’s family for nearly 100 years. His great-grandparents, who were immigrants from Italy, bought the land while working as garbage collectors for the City of Phoenix.


Yourland’s anchor tenant is United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. The government agency is a component of the Department of Homeland Security and oversees lawful immigration to the United States. McFarland is currently working with USCIS to develop a food truck program at the center.


He’s also working on adding a second location for his Welcome Diner at Yourland. The original restaurant is at 10th and Roosevelt Streets in central Phoenix.


Future plans also call for a possible hotel, although no construction dates are set.



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