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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Roosevelt’s Improved Grading

Roosevelt SchoolsSome exciting things are happening in the Roosevelt School District. Over the recent summer, the letter grades for each school were released and RSD is proud to announce it has an “A” School and two “B” Schools.


Sunland Elementary is the District’s newest “A” School, a feat that is both impressive and serves as a model for the other schools. “I am so proud of the kids for what they have accomplished,” said Principal Sergio Gutierrez. “They have worked so hard, and that work paid off.”


Gutierrez was also quick to thank his hardworking staff including teachers, instructional aides, parapros and all those that contributed to the success of the school’s first “A” letter grade.


“It was a team effort,” said Gutierrez. “We look forward to continuing to improve and strive for “A+” next year.”


The district’s success didn’t stop there. Two more schools, Cloves C. Campbell School and Bernard Black Elementary also received accolades from the Arizona State Department of Education by becoming “B” Schools.


“I am thankful for the efforts of our students, parents, and staff at Cloves C. Campbell Elementary School, who worked together to ensure that education was our top priority,” said Principal William Collins. “We are happy to have earned and maintained a “B” for a third consecutive year, but understand that we must work even harder to become an “A” school.”


Collins added that with the continued support of the Roosevelt School District Governing Board, the District Leadership Team, and the Campbell school community, he was confident that they would be able to reach their goal this year.


Equally enthusiastic was Dr. Jonathan Moore, principal at Bernard Black Elementary. The school also received a “B” for the school year.


“It feels good to arrive at a place where we can show that our students are on a path toward transformational change and our staff is committed to instructional excellence at the highest level,” said Dr. Moore. “Bernard Black is bigger, brighter, best.”


“We couldn’t agree more with that sentiment,” said Dr. Jacqueline Jackson, superintendent. “We are very proud of Sunland, Cloves Campbell and Bernard Black Schools for leading the way as RSD moves forward into the future.”


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