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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

MyPlanPHX Shaping Phoenix’s Future

Since debuting last August, MyPlanPHX has received more than 10,000 submissions.


The online initiative – launched by Mayor Greg Stanton, Phoenix City Council members and community leaders – allows Phoenix residents to share ideas for helping plan the city’s future.


According to Joshua Bednarek, PlanPHX project manager, ideas collected so far fall into four primary themes. The most popular, by a wide margin, is greater connectivity.


“People want more mass transit options,” he said. “They specifically called out light rail and doing more with bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure.”


Ideas related to urban core or downtown comprise about 22 percent of the suggestions to date. While environmental topics entail 16 percent, and parks and open space encompass 10 percent.


Based on responses to the question “What do you love most about Phoenix?” at www.myplanphx.com, residents especially enjoy the city’s parks and open space.


“There’s the recreational component, but also the preserves are our most iconic feature,” Bednarek added. “They provide a sense of identity that no other feature in the city really does.”


At this point, city staff is analyzing the current themes to determine if they adequately address all the elements required by law for future planning. Once focus areas are finalized, they will get introduced to Village Planning Committees and other community groups for feedback.


Attention is also focusing on participation to ensure feedback comes from all parts of the city. About 1,200 people have submitted ideas so far, with the highest involvement coming from residents just north of the downtown area.


“We’re coming up with a long list of engagement opportunities to hopefully bring in some other folks from around the city,” said Bednarek, adding that a MyPlanPHX event at The Farm at South Mountain is in the works.


Residents can participate online at www.myplanphx.com by either using a Facebook, LinkedIn or Google account, or registering with a name, email address, birth year and zip code. A point system rewards active participants, who can select prizes ranging from tickets to the Phoenix Zoo or a Diamondbacks game to a tour of US Airways Center.


Planning for the city’s new general plan and neighborhoods along light rail is set to wrap up by the end of 2014. MyPlanPHX will remain online until at least that time.




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