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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Pool Supply Customers Enjoying Quality Service

A real live turtle named “Floyd” was the inspiration for the name of Sea Turtle Pool Supply in Laveen.


“I have a regular pool service customer who has a turtle in his backyard. It is very large and his name is Floyd,” said Kathy Luz, owner of the business.


When she was trying to decide on a name for her business, the customer suggested that Floyd be the company’s mascot, which Kathy thought was a great idea.


“Although Floyd is not a sea turtle, I combined that with water and came up with sea turtle,” she said.


Now, a turtle is in the company’s brand and logo and Floyd must “approve” all aspects of the business.


While pool service companies are on practically every corner in the Valley of the Sun, there are several things that set Sea Turtle Pool Supply apart from the others. It is owned by a woman and the fact that they give classes teaching pool owners how to take care of their own pools, even though part of their business is pool maintenance.


“We have Pool School,” Luz said. “We come to your house and spend hours teaching you how to take care of your own pool.”


Also setting the company apart is the fact that it is only store in the area to use the laser method of testing pool water to determine what it needs to remain clean.


“We make sure they get the best possible care instead of someone trying to meet a quota and selling them something they don’t need,” she said. “They bring their sample to the store and they can stand right there and test it.”


Her favorite part of the business is interaction with her customers, she said.


“Training people and passing on the knowledge to help them save money is the best part and we still make money from it.”


Along with the maintenance part of the business, the company can make repairs and also supply all the chemicals, supplies and equipment for keeping pools sparkling which includes brushes, nets, vacuum heads and portable vacuums. It also sells all the toys and accessories.


“We deliver things they order,” she said. “What they get is unparalled service.”

Luz is no stranger to pool service business.


“I am a certified pool operator. I have taken training on top of being out in the field for two years doing full pool service,” she said.


She worked out of her home for a couple of years and opened the store last July.


Luz, 53, had 25 years management experience in the restaurant business at major chains.


She said she uses what she has learned during those years.


“I am all about customer service. I want to pass that along in my own business,” she said.

Luz plans to open five more stores in the Valley and in California in the next few years.


Sea Turtle Pool Supply, 5020 West Baseline Road #115 in Laveen, is open seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. It can be reached by calling 602-605-8000.












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