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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Alternative Treatment Specialty of Inner Light

It would make Doctors Andria Orlowski and Hanifah Muhammad very happy if their patients put them out of business. That would mean they were all well, taking good care of themselves and following doctors orders.

“We believe that prevention is the highest form of cure,” Orlowski said.

These two naturopathic physicians, whose practice is Inner Light Integrated Healthcare LLC, differ from regular doctors.

“We try to look at the whole body and the healing process of nature,” Orlowski said.

They look at a patient and if he or she is going in the wrong direction, they can provide a course correction and help them avoid illness small and large.

“A doctor is a teacher and can teach a patient how to live better,” she said. “We don’t just treat the symptoms.”


The two use traditional medicines such as antibiotics for things such as strep throat, but for other illnesses, they may prescribe other cures such as herbs, acupuncture or a correction in diet or a number of other solutions.


Their office is in a restored building at 36th and Southern which was built in 1935 and was part of a ranch. It had been boarded up and abandoned for many years before Orlowski and her husband Jorge Moscoso bought it and brought it back to life.


“I like it. I liked the area,” Orlowski said.” I liked the close proximity to the nursery. I like the building. My (two) kids go to the school right down the street. I just saw it as having a lot of potential of becoming a beautiful place. We did a complete renovation. It is a green building, natural and clean.”


She said it is a large enough space to add services such as a Yoga teacher, massage therapist or some other services as time goes on.


“We are looking at growing some herbs and vegetables and may eventually have a farmer’s market, she said. “We are dealing with a gopher problem. We got an office cat, we have great hopes for him,” she said.


In addition to his rodent duty, he gives “cat scans” and makes himself available for petting.


In her practice Orlowski said she sees all types of patients.


“I put out the universe I get sent the patient I can help,” she said.


She sees illnesses that run the gamut from colds to flu, to people with chronic pain and illnesses such as diabetes or cardiovascular problems.


“Many of them believe in alternative medicine and come to me first.


“They tell me they are feeling out of balance and I get them back into balance,” she said. Muhammad joined the practice about two months ago.


“I run a family practice. I see mostly women and children, also do prenatal planning to thyroid and digestive disorders,” she said. I do well-women exams, well-child exams. I also see people who have chronic diseases, a lot of chronic pain management, diabetes, hypertension and immune disorders.”


In her practice, Orlowski offers acupuncture, herbal medicine, osteopathic manipulation, energy work, nutritional therapies, chelation and injection therapy


“We spend a lot of time with the patient, getting to know their history. A new visit, I spend about an hour and a half. I hear their life story. You really get to know who they are and where they are coming from. Then we do a physical exam and offer some treatment,” Orlowski said.


“When people are sick, they usually have a lot of different issues going on in their lives,” Muhammad said.


She said her mother, who was a nurse for 30-plus years, instilled her with the idea of being as healthy as possible.


Muhammad said she finds her practice vey rewarding and at the end of the day is satisfied.


“I think hopefully, I’ve helped that person in some way, that I gave someone support or treatment that could change their life and make it better for them,” she said. “There are a lot of things people can do to change their health so they don’t have to see a doctor all the time. My goal is for them to put me out of business.”


Also a mother of two said she plans on giving cooking classes on how to cook in a healthy way for a family.


Through October, she will have special prices for exams for the whole family.


Inner Light is located at 6005 S. 36th Street. To learn more visit innerlighthealth.com or call 602-426-1111.




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