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Friday, July 20, 2018

Real Estate Design Trends


Since the recent housing recession, home design trends have shifted as well. While a large percentage of homeowners are staying put and are improv- ing and remodeling their homes, builders are seeing some new trends in home design. If you are thinking of buying, building, or planning a remodel for your enjoyment or to make things more attractive for a potential buyer, these trends will provide you valuable information on what is hot in this post reces- sion market. These trends include:


Focus on the Family Flexible Space Multi Generational Space Accessibility


Outdoor Living Space Storage Homeowners are no longer looking for formal spaces like formal living and dining rooms. They are more interested in making the most of the rooms that the family uses on a daily basis. They prefer larger kitchens that are open to the family room. Separate offices are now being incorporated into the family living space and the more formal home offices and dens are not as prevalent. These rooms are simple, clean and bright, as compared to the heavy detailing and orna- mentation of the recent past. Eat-in kitchens are popular with a continuing trend in kitchen islands. Buyers prefer an island that offers 90 degree seating as opposed to the bench- type seating of the past.


Buyers are looking for bonus/flex rooms that are designed to be used for multiple functions as a family grows or as their needs change. They are also using laundry rooms for other uses like a home office, craft room and many laundry rooms serve as dog rooms with a doggie door while the family is away. It is popular to see alcove rooms off of the family room that could be used for different needs without feeling compartmentalized and away from the family. The focus is on ef- ficiency and building more open space family areas than having underutilized rooms of the past such as dens, home offices, formal liv- ing and dining rooms.


The National Association of Home Builders study showed that construction of multigen- erational homes being built was up by 30 percent in the past few years. These homes accommodate children returning home, and aging parents moving in with the family. Many are designed to have two master suites, many times one upstairs and one down in two story homes. Guest houses and attached living spaces, (in-law suites) with separate entrances are also popular.


Accessibility is also an important trend, one-story homes are more popular while sunken living rooms and interior steps are not desirable. Wider hallways, elevators and grab bars are becoming common. Design- ing homes with a second master suite downstairs is popular to accommodate aging parents.


Outdoor living spaces are becoming a more popular feature. Buyers are looking for a seamless transition from the interior living space to the exterior space. Storage is becoming a priority. Garages are being built to allow for more storage and walk-in kitchen pantries are being designed to accommodate shoppers that buy in bulk. Transition rooms are new and designed to be a place when you enter the house to drop your belongings

and remove shoes and coats. They are being designed with multiple outlets for charging cell phones and cubby holes for the kids to keep their backpacks and school supplies.

These trends are important to keep in mind if you are thinking of building or mak- ing modifications to your home. If you are considering selling and want to prepare your home for a potential buyer or just want that look you see in decorator magazines, Rhon- da Foresberg, a Realtor and Interior Design Expert suggests the following. Kitchens sell the house so choose upgrades wisely. She says that the best tip that is free and easy is to remove clutter. She suggests going from one room to the next and remove anything from the surfaces that is not decorative in nature.

“If you want your bedroom to look like the one in the magazine, remove the ironing board with two weeks’ worth of laundry on it and remove your nightstand of papers, glasses and charging devices,” suggests Foresberg. The kitchen is another place where clut

ter gathers, remove small appliances, mail, and paperwork and you will be amazed how much better it looks. Other tips for giving your kitchen a fresh look are adding updated handles and knobs and cleaning your cabinets and polish them with furniture oil to give them a richer and deeper finish. Paint is the simplest and best way to give a room transformation. If you are planning to sell, pick a neutral color. Foresberg suggests freshening up a sofa and chairs with colorful throw pillows and adding a vase of fresh flowers.

Our real estate market is in recovery, and these tips are helpful when considering buying or building a home, making modifica- tions to sell your current home or just enjoy the home you are planning to stay in. Home trends follow changes in the way we live and it is important to pay attention to maximize your investment and enjoy your home with your family. SMDN



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