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Friday, July 20, 2018

Entrepreneur Launches Laveen Boutique

True, the best thing one can do at the moment is hunker down under the air conditioning. It’s hot and sweltering. But, it is never too early to start thinking about fall fashion, said Yescnia Valencia, owner of Unforgettable Boutique in Laveen.

She said jumpsuits will be big as well as various shawls and leather. The trendy colors will be golds and bronzes.

On the other hand “Summer is here, chicas,” says her Facebook page.

Whatever the season, all the newest trends are available at her new boutique in Laveen, which customers seem to have embraced.

“I feel that this boutique is unique and caters to all types of women,“ said customer Marianne Ramirez. “She has shoes, jeans, nice clothing for work, summer clothing and for a night out in the city. She has beautiful clothing at great prices.”

Valencia said she is pleased with the great response from the community.

“I wanted to have a different feel to the boutique,” she said. “I thought about what I wanted for my customers. I wanted them to find something different than any other store.”

Valencia’s shop carries handbags, clutches, scarves, hats, shoes, dresses, shorts, Levis and undergarments.

“I have nice slacks and some sexy blouses that are conservative enough for work. I have dresses for going out and for work,” she said.

She said she also works with three local emerging local designers , Sylvia Bours, Mabel Cortez and Latonya Atkins, all who were featured this year during fashion week.

“That brings a little extra touch,” she said. Valencia’s goal is to offer something for all women in all sizes from size small to size 22.

“I don’t really market to a special age. I have a variety of things any woman would like. I think everyone likes to be sexy and have special clothing,” she said.

If the customer cannot find what they are looking for at the store, Valencia will keep looking for them at various vendors until she finds it.

“I email them and give them a couple of options.

“If they say, ‘oh yes, I like that dress,‘ I will order it for them at not extra cost,“ she said.

She works with a seamstress who will provide alterations at a reasonable price.

She said she has always been a fashionista, even while growing up.

“I was into clothing, special gowns, special shoes and watching fashion shows on TV,” she said, adding that she learned a lot from her mother Francisca Valencia who always dressed beautifully and encouraged her to do so. Mom also encouraged her to open the boutique.

“She is very positive. She helped me put everything together and helped on buying trips,” she said.

Valencia said keeping in touch with all the new trends and styles is constant.

“It’s an everyday job to be preparing for the next season,” said Valencia, who graduated from ASU in 2010 with a degree in global business. It was always a dream to own a boutique.

Valencia and her family moved from Phoenix to Laveen a few years ago.

“We saw this beautiful house in Laveen. It’s a farming community but still in the city. We have horses, dogs, cats and chickens.

“I started looking into the market to see what was here,” she said. “We realized there were no clothing stores around here.”

Now there is.

Unforgettable Boutique is at 5270 W. Baseline Road in Laveen. It can be reached at 602-237-0988.


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