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Sunday, July 22, 2018

The Great Recovery

You have probably heard somewhere in the media or from someone in your workplace a comparison of our current economic condition to that of the Great Depression. It is easy to see the similarities of the Great Depression and what some are now calling the Great Recession. America’s Great Depression is said to have started with the Stock Market crash in 1929 and was ended by World War II in 1941. If we use this timetable as a basis for America to recover we are looking at 2018 before we reach full recovery.

My work in real estate has really allowed me to feel firsthand the impacts of what this potential long recovery will have on my business, family and my local community. So I ask myself this question; what can we do in South Phoenix and Laveen to begin what I would like to call “The Great Recovery?”

Many historians believe that the Great Depression was ended by World War II and the manufacturing, federal spending and employment that it brought. I happen to believe that the Depression was not just an economic phenomenon. It was an emotional one that was wired into the minds of too many Americans.

I know that time is running out for me to get a firsthand account of the Great Depression from people who actually lived through it. Americans that where born in 1929 are now in their 80’s and if they were old enough to remember the Depression, they are at least in their 90’s. These Americans knew exactly what it took to recover and are at the core of what we refer to as the “Greatest Generation.”

They knew what kind of vision and work was needed to find opportunities when so little was evident. They brought us back from an economic pit, won a world war, and gave us an America that was much more free, safe, and prosperous than the one they inherited. The America they passed on to following generations was so good that some countries in the world believe that our generation is so spoiled and short-sighted that we have ruined it for the next.

I believe differently; we can still make America great. I believe we can learn from our American past and nurture a new spirit for our families and local communities. The key to our future success now will be to stay positive, strengthen our families, focus on true sustainability in all that we do and act wisely with our very limited resources.

It is up to us individually to begin “The Great Recovery” by being the leaders in our families and communities. We must have faith and courage at a time when so many other people around us are showing fear. We must be a positive example for the people in our life who depend on us. If you have children in your home, you are in a position to give them the power to see past their material culture, and the power to be optimistic and clear-headed, even when times get tough. You can teach them to understand that happiness is not determined by what happens around them or what they have but by how they respond to it and what they give.

Like most of America, South Phoenix and Laveen face challenges of amazing proportion. In the past twenty years we have experienced remarkable progress and development. This brings with it increased obligations and responsibilities. By its very nature, true community development can’t be concentrated on itself. In order to sustain itself it must reach out to include more and more people and surrounding communities in its vision for the future. Any progress that would secure the betterment of a select few at the expense of the greater community would be an error and distorted progress.

I still remember my eighth grade Arizona History class when I learned the motto of our state “Ditat Deus,” “God enriches.” We indeed have sufficient proof in our community of that enrichment: in the beauty of our mountain and river landscapes and in the diversity and giftedness of our residents. Our mindset and actions will dictate our destiny and help us reach the greatest recovery our country has ever seen.

Between the 7s is written for SMDN by Victor Vidales




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