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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Second Annual Green Win Awards

•First Solar’s new project in east Mesa will create 600 “green-collar” jobs at this Photovoltaic panel manufacturing plant. First Solar is also building a huge solar power plant near Yuma. Double win.


• The Solar Tower in Parker, Ariz. to be built by EnviroMission will generate enough power to meet the needs of 150,000 households annually. Eventually up to 12 of these could be built on the site. This power generation comes from temperature differential, and the area under the solar collectors could also be used as a food-growing greenhouse in winter months. Double win.


•The Discovery Triangle area of downtown Phoenix following the 202 freeway and light rail route into Tempe. The Discovery Triangle is a 25-square-mile economic growth area in the heart of the Valley. The 16,000-acre region, which encompasses the dense urban areas of downtown Tempe and Phoenix, as well as the expansive outdoors of Papago Park, offers an amenity-rich environment for businesses and residents. This is an area of focus for infill and knowledge-based businesses capitalizing on the existing infrastructure such as the existing bio-medical campus and ASU campuses.


The Discovery Triangle capitalizes on existing infrastructure, transportation corridors and hundreds of cutting-edge companies by connecting assets to foster a spirit of innovation.  Its inclusion of top-tier higher educational institutions provides the source for a well-educated workforce, while its immediate proximity to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport provides a gateway to the world.


Balanced by nature, arts, culture, professional sports and a variety of affordable housing options, its quality-of-life appeal is a huge attraction to all types of businesses ranging from large corporations to budding entrepreneurial. “Winfill”


•Solar covered parking will be coming to the Burton Barr Library in downtown and solar covered parking at the VA hospital is already in place. Win


Adaptive reuse of existing buildings downtown continues … as seen at projects such as Giant Coffee, the Phoenix Public market, and my favorite, Film Bar (The greenest building is an already existing one). Win.


And now for the Fails:


•McDowell Road in South Scottsdale. Come on innovators. What are we going to do with all of that vacant property left behind by the exodus of the car companies to the suburban auto malls? There is the empty shell of Basha’s  as well and who can tell me what the heck happened to Sky song?


Maybe there should be a dedicated bus line or light rail through there.


That would encourage a two-mile stretch of dense multifamily housing, shopping and professional office space all knit together in a walkable area.


Come on Fresh and Easy or Fry’s, show us how green you are and build a store with apartments on top (like they do in Los Angeles and other large metro areas) and professional offices in the same asphalt sea. Scottsdale has a real opportunity to create a sustainable corridor along McDowell. It’s not like there is any more fringe land Scottsdale can annex. Fail.


•No Light Rail in Scottsdale. The supposedly green and economically progressive Scottsdale apparently doesn’t want more people shopping and generating tax dollars in their city. Epic Fail.

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Written by Chris Bale






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