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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Local Salon Owner Living Her Dream

When Catalina Fitzgerald was a little girl growing up in Mexico, she dreamed of being a top international hair stylist and traveling the world.

She did travel the world and she did become a hair stylist. Another of her dreams was opening her own salon, a dream that came true about eight months ago when she opened Lomasi Salon and Spa, Lomasi being a Navajo word meaning “pretty flower.”

“The past owner was a good friend,” she said. “I was renting a chair from Juan. I bought the salon about eight months ago.”

Fitzgerald came to the United States in 1997 after graduating beauty school in Mexico.

“I was working in a salon in Chandler for three years,” she said.

Then she went over to Ahwatukee where she worked as Adam Pink’s assistant. Next was at the Madison Avenue Salon.

“This is where I took a big step in learning. I learned English. I got more comfortable with the customers. I learned my skills.”

Shortly after getting to Arizona, she met and married Glen Fitzgerald in 1999. 

“We decided to live here. My family is in Mexico, but I have a cousin with two children here,” she said.

Glen is in the Real Estate business, she said. They have a collie named Lolita.

These past eight months in business have had a learning curve. 

“I have learned a lot in a really good way. I have a lot of stress, but I have a lot of fun. I get a lot of support from my husband and co-workers. I feel so lucky,” she said. “I am living my dream. I love to be the owner and we are like a family.”

She said her clientele is steadily growing 

“I am still doing marketing and still doing promotions. I’m doing pretty good. I cannot complain,” she said. “I have a wonderful staff. I get more clients by people talking to each other. I am very happy.”

When she traveled to Europe, she kept her eyes open to learn how things were done there. She brought those ideas back to Lomasi, said Fitzgerald, 46. She said many hairstyles and trends get to Europe before coming to the United States

Fitzgerald and her staff stay up-to-date by taking classes and attending seminars in California. 

She said the new hairstyles are going to be similar to those of the 1970s.

“We are going from long, straight and slinky to medium length with lots of body and lots of layers,“ she said.

Lomasi is not just a hair salon, it also offers facials, massages, nails and “anything about hair,” she said. The salon promotes spa packages that can translate to all-day pampering.

Fitzgerald said she employs an ethnic hair specialist who is “the best.”

Lomasi Salon and Spa is at 2445 Baseline Road. It can be reached at 602-268-2767.


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