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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Phoenix Community Alliance ‘Poised for the Future’

Over 26 years ago, a group of corporate leaders saw a decaying downtown not sharing in the prosperity of a growing city and vowed to work to do something about it. They were determined to save what was vital and add what was missing to give Phoenix a truly great Central City.

They formed the Phoenix Community Alliance and together with government (city, county, state and local federal), as well as with cultural, educational, civic and faith institutions, the organization has become the major private sector catalyst in Central Phoenix’s multi-billion dollar renewal process.

Member corporations come together in the PCA to pool their talents and resources in favor of a beautiful and dynamic Central Phoenix. They share a love for the community and enthusiasm for its potential for greatness. Their sense of civic pride requires that they give back to the community a portion of their corporate successes. They are firm believers that a strong identifiable urban core is good for everyone in the community and vital for the future of Phoenix.

Member organizations assign a representative, usually their CEO, to serve on PCA’s board of directors and often invite other staff to also attend board meetings, and/or participate in various committee meetings or events.

PCA prizes its private sector status that affords flexibility for setting long range goals and finding creative solutions to address important urban issues. PCA’s backbone is its corporate board of directors, who recognize the importance of a dynamic and vibrant Central City. These talented professionals know how to set strategic goals and achieve objectives. They demonstrate a capacity to stay the course and assure that the momentum of quality renewal taking place in the heart of Phoenix today continues well into the future.

PCA’s strong, long-standing partnerships with government(s) including the City of Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona State and local federal agencies are among its most valued assets.

PCA is bringing their talent, experience and knowledge of its members to South Phoenix. on February 18, 2010 at 11:30 a.m. The meeting will be held at the Nina Mason Pulliam Audubon Center (3131 S Central Avenue). I have been invited by the PCA staff to present my Vision for South Phoenix (SoPho), Between the Seven’s to their board and membership.

I have used this article over the past four years to discuss the potential and threats that exist in SoPho, Between the Sevens, City of Phoenix and the state of Arizona. Now more than ever we have an opportunity to create an inclusive and comprehensive plan that will build on our already strong foundation of diversity, history, livability and proximity to downtown Phoenix.

We have an opportunity like nowhere else in the valley to become the model for a sustainable community. Neighborhood visioning will be essential and will take significant community involvement in order to solve our current problems and plan for the future.

I believe PCA and its membership understands the value of creating a seamless connection between Downtown and South Phoenix. Bringing the two communities together can multiply the depth of its partnerships and help build a place that celebrates diversity and encourages a better future for all of Phoenix.
South Phoenix adds tremendous value to Downtown and the City of Phoenix as a whole. We have the ability and opportunity to offer something for everyone, from the visiting tourist to the life-long business-owner and resident.
“Progress towards the revitalization of Between the 7’s truly belongs to the residents of South Phoenix.”
The Phoenix Community Alliance is a non-profit, 501(c) 3 organization, supported entirely by private sector contributions. Please visit their website at
www.phoenixcommunityalliance.com for more information about their members, membership and their involvement in the Central City.

You can RSVP for the Between the Sevens presentation February 18, 2010 by contacting Lupe Andow at lupe@PhoenixCommunityAlliance.com



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