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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Remember to Shop South Phoenix and Laveen

Now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, it’s time to make a conscious effort to keep our holiday spending money close to home.

I understand that the South Mountain and Laveen villages don’t have the premier shopping malls, lifestyle centers, luxury department stores or huge power centers such as Chandler mall or Scottsdale Fashion Square, but keep in mind we do have many new and existing businesses in our community that need our support.

Here are three reasons why shopping local makes cents – I mean sense.

Reason number one is sales tax! The sales tax that is generated from the merchandise you buy goes directly into the City of Phoenix’s general fund. This means that the sales tax we pay as we shop helps to fund critical city services such as police, fire, libraries and parks. In the same light, when Phoenix residents shop in other cities like Tempe, Scottsdale and Chandler, that sales tax collected supports their cities’ general funds. According to the Phoenix.gov website, in the year 2006, your sales tax dollars accounted for 42 percent of the general funds revenue, resulting in approximately $440 million for city of Phoenix services. Estimates for 2008 sales tax dollars are down to 32 to 35 percent of the general fund.

Reason number two is that positive local money flows are vital to neighborhood revitalization. This is why we need to put more of our own resources into finding ways to measure and improve the flow of local money in our community. The sustainability of our community depends on the strength of the existing businesses in our neighborhoods. Having solid profit data from large national corporations like Target, WalMart, Home Depot, Safeway and Lowe’s help to spotlight our community for future developments. This means creation of more employment, economic development and investment in our village.

Finally and the most important motivation to shop local, goes far beyond the dollar. I believe spending locally helps to strengthen our community spirit. Community spirit is the glue that holds our community together and plays a key role in regeneration and future growth.

I personally enjoy going to local stores and restaurants and running into old friends, teachers, family and members of our community. It just feels great to know you’re part of such a great community. I often reflect on how blessed we are to have such a strong sense of community. The local mom and pop shops of south Phoenix take pride in knowing their customers by name, but they also accept new residents and visitors to our community with open arms keeping the spirit of South Mountain and Laveen strong.

As we begin to take a more active role in our community, be encouraged to increase spending not only money, but also time at local events and businesses. Let’s redirect our dollars that we’ve normally spent elsewhere during the holiday season to reinforce our community spirit. You and I have a vested interest and we all understand that in order to have an impact in our future we must change the direction of our dollars.

Local spending is a win-win for us all! We have come a long way since I was a kid growing up in South Phoenix and as a vibrant community we still have plenty of room to grow.

Here are some notable shopping opportunities in South Mountain and Laveen village. Wal-Mart is on the SE corner of Southern and 35th Avenue. Lowe’s and Staples are located on the NW corner of 19th avenue and Baseline. The Legacy Village at 24th street and Baseline road also has plenty of shopping and eating opportunities including Target, Ross, Famous Footwear and Ace Hardware. Since gift cards have also become part of our shopping list these days please come visit the 51st Avenue and Baseline shops and services such as Home Depot, Safeway, Applebee’s, Native New Yorker or even buying a Curves membership. Finally don’t forget the unique opportunities that exist on Central Avenue to eat and get unique gifts from our authentic and vibrant Mexican culture. Visit Coyoacan steakhouse, Los Dos Molino’s, Ponchos, Raptor Guitars, Ranch Market, La Bodega, Gino’s, Pepi’s Pizza or St. Catherine of Siena’s Bookstore and gift shop.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!



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