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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Police Department Launching Online Reporting

Phoenix Police Department Launches Online Reporting Service
The Phoenix Police Department has launched a new online service for reporting minor theft, vehicle burglary, lost property and other crimes. This system is part of the city’s focus on innovations and is expected to save nearly $1 million annually.
“I am extremely excited about this because it offers residents another tool to fight crime and it saves taxpayer dollars at the same time,” said Councilman Michael Nowakowski, chairman of the City Council Public Safety, Veterans, Transparency and Ethics Subcommittee.
“I have been a proponent of this from the beginning and am thrilled to see it come online,” said Councilwoman Thelda Williams. “This is cutting-edge, crime-fighting technology that will help protect residents and keep our neighborhoods safe.”
Residents may use the online option to report criminal damage, fraudulent use of credit/debit cards, identity theft, lost property, theft, among other crimes. Residents must continue to contact 9-1-1 for emergencies and crimes in progress.
Residents may access this service at “http://www.phoenix.gov/police/index.html” phoenix.gov/police



2 Responses to “Police Department Launching Online Reporting”
  1. Larry Anders says:

    Just heard about the. online reporting from CAO Tom Owsley 8047. He came out to our Block Watch meeting and we had a great turn out. Thanks for keeping our neighborhood in the loop with the latest sex offender flyer that is my neighbor. No problems, but it is good to know. Keep it up your doing a GREAT JOB.

  2. lynnette johnson says:

    tried to find a way to report something but cannot find the way to do it. went to web sites without any
    luck. tried to access this service at above mentioned site but gave me nothing but a blank page
    indicating i was at the home page already.

    here’s the deal. there is a trailer (?) that has been parked on the south side of christown mall for
    two months or longer. it is just south of the theaters. it has never moved from the spot. i pass by
    this every day without fail and it still sits there. mall security has seen it, but ignores it.

    i talked with a police officer who was sitting in the parking lot at the colonnade recently. he said he
    could do nothing because it was not his area. he told me to call the non emergency number for the
    phoenix police, but i just hate bothering or using that number for something such as this. thought
    this way of reporting it would be better.

    the trailer has a texas plate with expired tags. they indicate the year 2004. plate number is
    CHT C02 says it is a farm trailer out of texas.

    my thoughts were it could be stolen/abandoned for whatever reason. might have something
    inside worth checking into also. I don’t know, but i think after sittting there for such a long time
    somebody needs to haul it away. i would appreciate a response as to what action the police can
    take, if any.

    respectfully submitted,

    lynnette johnson

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