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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Rossevelt Starts Plan to Integrate Bond Money

Prior to the Nov. 6 bond election, community volunteers developed an assessment to determine the need for new facilities and improvements at outdated school sites in the Roosevelt School District. Now that the $60 bond initiative passed, the race is on to turn those ideas into action.


The first step, said Superintendent Dr. Mark Dowling, is to develop a committee of community members, parents and teachers who will work with an architect to lay out construction plans.


“We want to work with them so that, collectively, we prioritize the work,” Dowling said. “We’re going to do the best we can to make sure we have representation from every school so that we have two-way communication.”


Creating a district-wide committee, instead of independent groups from each of the district’s 21 schools, makes it easier to address equity issues, Dowling added.


One challenge the school district faces is the inflation factor against the value of the bond dollars. Over time, the bond’s value decreases as construction costs rise. Because of this factor, scheduling the committee meetings has taken priority.


“We want to start soon, and we need to start soon,” Dowling said.


Also on the Nov. 6 ballot was a Special Capital Outlay Override that was to bring an additional $1.3 million into the district for new furniture, equipment and technology. Even though the proposal wasn’t approved by voters, the district is already eyeing the November 2009 ballot for another attempt.


“It’s an exciting time to be here because there are a lot of changes that I think the passing of this bond has put into motion,” said Lori Rieger, community relations specialist for the Roosevelt School District. “The next couple of years will be interesting.”


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