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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Two Developments Set to Break Ground Along Baseline Road



A couple of major corners along the rapidly growing Baseline Corridor will soon see the start of construction after years of rumors and postponed projects.


Tempe, Ariz.-based P.C. & Development is developing parcels on the northwest corner of 35th Avenue & Baseline Road as well as the southwest and southeast corners of 32nd Street & Baseline Road and is in the final stages of planning to create commercial centers at each site. To help determine community needs at the two locations, the company teamed with South Mountain Village resident and local real estate entrepreneur Jeffrey Garza Walker, of Gammage Realty Group. 


“We’ve been looking for that element – someone who lives in the area who understands the need – so we can get the right tenant mix in there for the community to appreciate it and be good patrons of our facilities,” said Reno Ammerman, co-principal of P.C. & Development.


Negotiations are being finalized with Fitness One, a health club, to fill one of the three major spaces at Laveen Village Center, which will sit directly across from Cesar Chavez Park. Discussions are also continuing with a specialty grocer, some locally based banks and a couple of higher-end restaurants. Additionally, P.C. & Development is actively seeking providers of urgent care to occupy one of the spaces.


Laveen Village Center will offer a total of 118,745 square feet of commercial space.


“This development is really going to be a community-based, specialty development,” said Garza Walker, a recent graduate of ASU’s Master’s of Real Estate Development program. “We’re not just slapping in a typical grocery store and trying to bring in the mundane things that have already been brought along. We’re looking at bringing things the community really wants and not just things that fill up space.”


In years past, several Laveen residents expressed concern over the appearance of the Circle K on the northwest corner of 35th Avenue and Baseline Road. As part of the Laveen Village Center design plans, P.C. & Development is working with the convenience store’s representatives to create a new facility that will better complement the community.


Also, to help minimize issues related to pedestrian traffic from the park, a stoplight is being installed on the southwest corner of the Laveen Village Center property, across from the Cesar Chavez Library.


Seven miles east of the Laveen location, P.C. & Development has secured building permits and will soon start construction on 39,198 square feet of a retail space along the south side of Baseline Road at 32nd Street. South Mountain Village Center is being designed to mimic a Tuscan village, complete with cobblestone facades, rotundas and fountains.


Future phases will add a mix of luxury lofts or high-end office condos, making South Mountain Village Center the first full mixed-use development in the South Mountain area.


“We want this to be a community-based, specialty boutique retail and office condo facility for the neighborhood, as well as having a residential element that will complement the new higher-end homes that are around the development,” explained Pauline Ammerman, co-principal of P.C. & Development.


Similar to Laveen Village Center, negotiations are ongoing with a variety of possible tenants, including a couple of specialty restaurants and banks.


One way P.C. & Development is working to help connect tenants at each development with the community and other area businesses is by providing a one-year membership to the South Mountain/Laveen Chamber of Commerce with every signed lease.


“We focused on the Baseline Corridor because of the redevelopment of the area and we see it as a path of growth,” Reno added. “It’s the place to be.”


Both developments are scheduled to open by summer 2008.


For more information, contact Jeffrey Garza Walker at 602-509-4700 or jgw@gammagedevelopment.com, as well as by visiting www.laveenvillagecenter.com and www.southmountainvillagecenter.com.


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