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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

A Simple Method to Improving Workplace Efficiency

Seventy percent of employees are visual learners. How will this affect your company’s ability to compete in today’s marketplace? For executives, one of the most important business skills they can possess is the talent to communicate effectively with employees.

"To reduce frustration among employees and avoid saying comments such as, ‘That is not what I said (meant),’ employers should visually demonstrate the expectations and instructions of the task," says Steve Jones, chief operating officer and executive vice president, Universal Protection Service.

There are three simple ways to increase the use of visual communication in your office environment. By implementing the actions listed below, instructions can be clearly communicated the first time. "Not only will this improve overall productivity of both the employee and the organization, but visual communication helps employees become more confident in their work," says Jones.

Combine verbal and visual communication.
       The best method of giving instructions is to combine verbal and
       visual communication when delegating a task. For example, if you need
       to send an employee to an off site location to pick up office
       supplies, verbally provide them with directions and hand them a map
       as a visual guide.
       If a new software application has been implemented, show the employee
       how to use the program, rather than telling the employee how to use
       the program. It may take more time to demonstrate, but it saves time
       in the long run because work will not have to be re-done and fewer
       questions will be asked.
       Solicit feedback.
       Although you may think you are clearly communicating an assignment,
       you never know what the employee may have heard. To prevent
       miscommunication, ask the employee to repeat the instructions and
       what is expected of them. Then, follow up with an email that
       outlines, in detail, the task and the instructions. This reviews what
       was communicated verbally and ensures that both the employer and
       employee are on the same page.

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