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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Smoothie Sales Create Win-Win for Schools, Local Business





There are many ways local schools look to raise money for its students and facilities. Bake sales and candy sales, along with other money raising drives have traditionally been some of the methods. But, thanks to a local smoothie shop, students in the Roosevelt and Laveen School Districts are reaping not only the financial benefits, but also the health benefits, of fruit smoothie sales on their campuses.


It’s a safe, healthy alternative to schoolchildren selling candy bars door-to-door.


“We come out and staff it ourselves,” explained Bryce Weber, owner of two Booster Juice stores. “We sell smoothies and give the schools a portion of the sales.”


Weber started last fall with one store and one school. Now, his 24th street and Baseline store partners with 15 schools in the Roosevelt District and a couple more in Laveen.


“Our schools benefit from this partnership and Booster Juice provides community support,” said Susan Bejarano, assistant superintendent for teaching and learning for the Roosevelt School District. “This is a win-win relationship.”


Each school principal decides when and where Booster Juice sets up shop. Usually once a week, the smoothie stand opens for business offering two or three choices of healthy treats.


Weber said the kids really like the strawberry sunshine smoothie, which is strawberry and mango. Mango hurricane is another top-seller that combines strawberries and mango.


“We don’t use refined sugars, no corn syrup,” said Weber. “On average, smoothie to smoothie, we’re about a hundred calories less than our competitors.”


The numbers can really add up for schools. Booster Juice offers 12-ounce smoothies for $2 with schools collecting sixty cents on each sale. And, for every 16-ounce smoothie sold at $3, schools collect 75 cents.


“The cool thing about it is there are a handful of schools that will sell 500 smoothies in an hour,” said Weber. “We give them $300 right there before we leave. There are schools that next year will make $15,000 in one school year.”


That money covers costs for field trips or new equipment, among other items. But, Booster Juice plans to do more than sell smoothies in South Phoenix and Laveen schools. Weber’s teaming up with Great Southwest Mortgage to promote the Platinum Apple awards–monthly financial awards to outstanding teachers.


“Any teacher anywhere in Phoenix can win $4,000 a month,” explained Weber. “At the end of they year, one out of the nine teachers gets a Teacher of the Year Award which is $10,000.”


“Our principals were introduced to this program and have wholeheartedly demonstrated support for this teacher recognition program,” said Bejarano.


Booster Juice plans to include Platinum Apple award applications in all their fundraising materials next year.


“We’re excited about being part of the community,” said Weber. “We love it.”


By this fall, Weber hopes to be in more Laveen schools and all Roosevelt schools. And, in July you can find his second Booster Juice store open at 51st Avenue and Baseline in Laveen.







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