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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Superfoods for Powermoms

We are what we eat; it’s as simple as that. Choose foods that will work for you and in just a few short weeks your energy will skyrocket and your immune system will be supercharged, helping you power your way through every day.

Here are ten foods that should be a part of every mom’s diet and why:

An apple is easy to tote, delicious, and provides the fiber and carbohydrates every busy mom needs. This low calorie snack provides 1-1.5 servings of fruit a day plus vitamins and minerals. An apple’s skin contains compounds called phenols, which may provide protection from UV-B rays. No wonder an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Beans – These little legumes do wonders for the digestive system. Packed with insoluble fiber, beans can help those suffering from constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and diverticulosis. Beans also deliver magnesium, potassium and folate, which all help maintain a healthy heart and can lower your risk of heart attack. And because they’re filled with protein and carbohydrates, adding beans to a meal, snack or salad will give you long-lasting energy.

Blueberries – A handful a day on bran flakes or oatmeal will not only provide you with powerful antioxidants, but may help fight Alzheimer’s, which strikes significantly more women than men. Throw some blueberries in your daily yogurt and you are on your way to having those two servings of fruit needed daily.

Broccoli – This may be the most super food on the list. Broccoli has more vitamin C than an orange, is your number one guard against colon cancer, reduces the risks for cataracts and lowers your risk of stroke. Just one spear has three times more fiber than a slice of wheat bread.

Known as a powerful cancer fighting agent, green tea will give your immune system a boost, and help you get those eight, 8-ounce servings of water a day. The handy packets of green tea available at most grocery stores keep you hydrated and energized, thanks to ginkgo. Green tea drinkers have been shown to be at lower risk for viral infections, cardiovascular disease, many forms of cancer, stroke and osteoporosis. And for moms-to-be, a decaf green tea is a great replacement for that morning coffee.

Oatmeal – Full of fiber, good clean carbohydrates and it actually removes cholesterol from your body. Rolled oats are the best choice, but the instant varieties are fine – just stay away from the flavored ones. Add your own flavor and more antioxidants by throwing in a handful of blueberries, strawberries or bananas. Don’t like a hot breakfast in the summer? Cool off that oatmeal with a splash of soymilk and double the benefits of your morning meal.

Chock full of heart-healthy fatty acids, one ounce of nuts a day is a healthy addition to any snack or meal and will help to stabilize and possibly lower your cholesterol. Walnuts are reported to be the healthiest choice, with almonds, pecans and hazelnuts ranking high on the healthy benefit list. They all provide a good source of protein, omega-3 ‘s and fiber.

Fish— With omega three fatty acids, niacin and vitamin B12, vitamin B6, selenium, protein, and phosphorous, coldwater fish like salmon have far more benefits than most of us realize. EPA, one of the omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon, stimulates the release of leptin, a hormone that helps to regulate your metabolism, food intake and ultimately your body weight. Coldwater fish also promote a healthy heart, healthy veins and arteries. In just four ounces of salmon you are taking in 56 percent of your daily Vitamin B12, 83 percent of your daily need for omega-3’s and 102 percent of your daily dose of Vitamin D.

Soy is a recommended additive for all women’s diets. Soy helps to lower your LDL, the bad cholesterol, thus lowering your risk for cardiovascular disease. It also can help protect your bone mass. A recent study showed that women who consumed 13 grams or more of soy per day had fewer bone fractures than those who did not eat or drink soy products.

Spinach – With over 1,000 antioxidants in its leafy greens, spinach really packs a powerful disease-fighting punch. The beta-carotene and vitamin C have anti-inflammatory properties, which can be very helpful in conditions like asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. We all know spinach has lots of iron, but did you know one cup of raw spinach has enough vitamin K for your whole day? Keep those bones healthy by adding spinach to your salad, sandwich or as a side for lunch or dinner. Plus, the magnesium and riboflavin found in spinach just might help curtail that migraine. Popeye was one smart sailor.


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