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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Company to Deliver Liquid Travel Amenities to Travelers’ Hotels Ahead of Arrival

Life on the road is about to get easier for business travelers who are not content to check their luggage for short trips, yet face a sweeping ban on liquid products in carry-on baggage.

When WB Solutions, LLC launches its MyWetStuff.com website at 12:01 am (EDT) on Tuesday, September 5, 2006, travelers will be able to pre-order trial sizes of their favorite water-based toiletries and travel amenities. By processing the travel date and hotel location with the traveler’s order, MyWetStuff.com delivers a personalized travel kit ahead of time to the hotel, where it awaits the traveler’s arrival.

As part of the website’s kickoff, the first 70,000 travelers to place an order on the site from September 5 through September 11 will receive credit for up to fifteen dollars toward their first order of the name-brand travel products offered–a total of over $1 million worth of free toiletries. Travelers seeking to participate in this promotion can reserve one of the 70,000 slots prior to September 5 by registering online. No further obligation is required.

While free consumer goods are nice to have, the real value of the MyWetStuff.com service is the convenience it provides, said Michael J. Miller, founder and CEO of WB Solutions. "Fliers who never would have checked a bag for a short trip now find themselves either adding considerably to their time spent at the airport, or scrambling around in a strange city trying to find the personal care products they use every day," Miller noted. "Now, there is an easy, inexpensive way to avoid adding even one extra stop between the gate and the hotel’s front desk."

WB Solutions has selected Calgary-based Commerx Corporation, a leading E-Commerce solutions provider, to roll out a robust platform capable of integrating with other online travel reservation systems to offer one-stop convenience to travelers. "What you’ll see very quickly is everyone from car rental companies to airlines to hotels integrating this amenities-ordering functionality within their own customer-facing systems," said Commerx CEO Robert Kulhawy. "We’ve built the system to scale across industries and platforms. The convenience of this service can extend to just about anywhere a traveler makes online arrangements with a MyWetStuff.com partner."

A broad market strategy that goes far beyond business-to-consumer online commerce will be rolled out during the month of September. Co-branding opportunities will be offered to travel industry partners, who will be able to deploy the MyWetStuff.com ordering functionality through their systems. WB Solutions will also offer special programs designed to allow large companies with extensive travel costs to ensure that employees on the road can stay productive and avoid needless delays related to the new carry-on restrictions–while taking advantage of additional discounts at MyWetStuff.com. In addition, special offers for trade shows and conventions are in the works. An international expansion model is also being developed.

WB Solutions is already building out a seasoned management team and has tapped Zolon A. Wilkins III to serve on its Board of Directors. Mr. Wilkins brings with him the experience of an extensive background in the hospitality and travel distribution industry. From 1998 until the sale of the company in 2000, Mr. Wilkins served as President of Lexington Services Associates, Ltd., then the largest global electronic hotel reservations provider in North America and the second-largest in the world. "The hotel industry has been increasingly focused on improving service and amenities as part of a continual effort to improve the guest experience," Mr. Wilkins said. "The innovative service provided by MyWetStuff.com comes at a very opportune time and will allow hotel brands in a number of segments to offer both of these through a strategic alliance."

According to Peter J. Burns III, President of the College of Entrepreneurship in Phoenix, the most dramatic aspect of MyWetStuff.com is the speed with which the business arose in the wake of the August 10, 2006 ban on liquids in carry-ons. "As a fellow entrepreneur with over 100 business startups under my belt in the last 30 years, I have a good eye for recognizing talent–and Michael Miller has that in abundance," said Burns. "He recognized an exciting niche market and marshaled the resources to launch a brand new enterprise within only a week after making the determination that there was business to be had."


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