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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Real Estate in Prime Time

Real Estate is always a very popular subject. Homeowners are always interested in how much their property is worth and what is happening in the market.  They are curious about the outlook for the market, market trends, what renovations will bring them the most value, and what the new builders are offering in their neighborhood. The subject of real estate has become exceptionally popular on television in the past few years. In the past it was limited to PBS and This Old House, but today there are numerous shows ranging from home improvement to preparing a home to be sold, to buying and reselling investment properties and making families dreams come true with home makeovers.
HGTV(Home and Garden Television) is the cable leader in home and garden programming in the United States. It is now distributed in over 82 million homes; it is one of the fastest growing networks in cable television history. HGTV shows can be seen in Canada, Japan, Australia, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Estonia, Bulgaria, The Czech Republic, The Slovak Republic, Thailand and The Philippines. HGTV gives viewers ideas and inspiration to transform their living spaces and advise from experts in different areas to make it happen.
Curb Appeal is an old real estate term that describes the desirability of a home upon first impression–or from the curb. Each episode features an actual homeowner with a guest expert to determine the owner’s needs and budget. They then propose a project to improve the homes exterior appearance. The project is chronicled during the show and the camera illustrates before and after shots to demonstrate the transformation. At the show’s end, a computer is used to visualize additional improvements the home owner could add in the future when their budget allows.
House Hunters allows viewers to follow a real life buyer working with an actual real estate agent, not an actor, in their pursuit of the perfect fit for each buyer profiled on the show. The show takes the viewer on tour of the homes and follows along as the offer is written, negotiated, and leaves us in suspense with the TV buyer while they wait to hear if their offer has been accepted. The show even pays a visit to the buyer after they have settled into their home to see of they are happy with their new home purchase.
Designed to Sell details how to turn a house into a show piece by giving the sellers of the home a $2,000 budget and a team of experts to make the home as fabulous as possible, with the goal of getting the home sold fast and for the most money without dumping a load of cash into the home that they are ultimately selling.
A&E Television offers several real estate shows for your entertainment. Sell This House, challenges the viewer and the homeowner (seller) to look at the home from the prospective buyer’s perspective. They help desperate owners by videotaping buyers viewing their home and candidly sharing their blunt criticism so that the sellers can see their home from the buyer’s eyes and make the appropriate changes with the help of experts to appeal to buyer’s emotions and get the house sold. Move This House is a new series about moving, one of the most stressful and difficult times a family experiences. An expert helps the family decide what should go into storage and what will go into the new house and helps organize the move to the new house and finally, helps decorate the new home.
Flip this House, focuses on buying homes for investment purposes and selling it after it is renovated. They canvas neighborhoods looking for rundown homes that could be transformed into profit for the investor.
Let’s Buy a House, is a show where two real estate agents are competing to sell the couple their next home.
Moving Up lets home owners return to homes they have sold and see what design and renovations changes the new owner has made to the home they had put their heart and soul into decorating.
On network TV, ABC’s popular Extreme Makeover Home Edition, received an Emmy nomination and won the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Reality Show. It has also won its Sunday at 8 p.m. time period in its first two seasons. The show changes the lives of deserving families by totally remaking and rebuilding their homes into magnificent dream come true homes. It is a race against time to get the home completed with troops of hundreds of helpers before the family returns home. Viewers not only witness the unbelievable transformation of the house, but during the final and emotional reveal, they see how the home makeover has impacted the lives of the deserving families.
These shows are entertaining and offer great advice on buying, investing and selling real estate. They are great at getting creative juices flowing to improve, design and renovate our biggest investment, our home. Judging by the number of new homes on the air and their success, real estate is not only a good investment for buyers and sellers it is a great investment for the network and cable companies.   

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