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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

When is it a Good Time to Buy Real Estate in Arizona?

In recent years the media has minimized the value of investing in real estate as an investment and retirement vehicle. While the real estate market may shift, it continues to appreciate over time.  I am frequently asked when is a good time to buy real estate.
In the 12 years I have sold real estate I have not experienced a bad time for my clients to invest in real estate.  Values have steadily increased through every real estate cycle. During a wild-and-crazy seller’s market they go up a lot. During normal market conditions, they go up less—but still up.  In Arizona, real estate is a solid investment.  In light of the strong value of Arizona real estate I still find myself in conversations with people discussing things like bubbles, crashes and other fear-based events that don’t impact us as much as other parts of the country.  For example, in Arizona we do not experience earth quakes, hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters like other parts of the country.  More people are moving to Arizona than ever before.  We have growing retirement communities and a great quality of life.   We continue to be one of the finest tourist destinations in the world and have a thriving economy. 
In the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, he outlines a discussion held with Ray Kroc of McDonald’s.  When Ray asked a group of MBA students “What business am I in?”  The students laughed and one finally responded “who in the world does not know that you are in the hamburger business!”  Ray responded “That’s what I thought you would say.”  He then said “ladies and gentlemen, I am not in the hamburger business.  My business is real estate.”  Mc Donald’s is the largest owner of real estate in the world.
Ray Kroc is proof that real estate is a sound financial investment in different geographic markets and economic cycles.  I believe we should all be a little bit like Ray.  I am suggesting consulting with real estate and mortgage professionals to learn how you too can participate by using real estate as a powerful investment and a retirement vehicle.  Many of us were brought up to think of real estate as being risky.  Times are different than they were for our parents, the days of secure jobs with retirement plans are gone and have been replaced with the need for entrepreneurial thinking.  Real estate offers us that opportunity.  It can provide passive income and equity growth with out a great deal of time invested.
An investor can use real estate as a strategy to fund their children’s college and their retirement at the same time by buying a new primary residence every two years.  The tax benefits and appreciation have allowed them to achieve this.  Another investor began by purchasing two properties in 2001 with very little money for down payment.  Now his real estate investments are valued at $4.5 million to $5 million and he has equity of more than $2 million.  He has purchased real estate in every real estate cycle since then and continues to purchase today. 
A great way to start is to read books like The Millionaire Real Estate Investor, by Gary Keller, Rich Dad Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill   and then find mentors and consultants to help guide you.  When you learn more and build the right team you will get results.  
We may never be Ray Kroc, but why not begin learning and investing so that you can own real estate as part of an exciting retirement and investment strategy?    

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