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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Firm Offers Tips on Laying the Groundwork for a New Job

If you’ve got the job jitters or are feeling burned out, it may be time to put out feelers before starting an all-out employment search, says CareerJournal.com, The Wall Street Journal’s executive career guide.

"It’s better to lay the groundwork for a job search before you get burned out," said David Patton, editorial director, CareerJournal.com. "It’s often easier to find a new job while you are still employed."

There are many safe harbors where you can informally network, without alerting your employer that you’re job hunting.

CareerJournal.com offers these ways to get started:

Look before you leap.

You way want to explore employment opportunities within your own company before deciding to look for jobs elsewhere.

Make yourself visible — discreetly.

"The Internet has made it easier to raise your career profile through social-networking like Linkedin.com and Zoominfo.com," said Mr. Patton. "You can connect with colleagues at companies you’re interested in and raise your visibility without quitting your job."

Work your industry associations.

Participating in a business organization with which your company is affiliated won’t raise the eyebrows of your colleagues or boss. Attending monthly meetings and mingling can boost a job search and allow you to network with potential employers.
Network like a headhunter.

Target 10 or 15 companies you want to work for. Then use Web search engines to identify some of their former employees and their current contact information. Phone them, and ask them about the company, the potential boss and the department you’re interested in.

Rebuild your network.

When you know you’re going to need your network in the next few months, start putting it in place now. You need to figure out who is going to be an important contact for you.

Do some self-assessment.

Think about what you really want to do. Take into account your strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes. Ask yourself what you want more and less of so you can pursue a more satisfying career.


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