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Sunday, July 22, 2018

A Bit of Vegas In Our Backyard

One of the advantages of living here is being able to access activities locally that others have to travel to enjoy, sometimes long distances. With the advent of higher gasoline prices, and the need to economize during the hot summer months, local diversions take on an added entertainment value.

For those that seek the fun of Las Vegas, such as the sound of pinging slot machines, flashing lights and the thrill of Black Jack or throwing dice, it can be had literally in our own backyard without spending time sitting bumper to bumper in traffic while driving through the desert to Vegas.

Fifteen miles from I-10 off of 51st Avenue, rests Vee Quiva Casino. Sloping angles that are reminiscent of the adobe styled structures that once filled the Valley, the look of the casino, though contemporary, looks right at home in the subtle desert landscape. Much in the same way Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West looks so natural here, Vee Quiva blends the modern with the old while not looking out of place. That blending with the surroundings was not unintentional.

“We don’t want the casino to be in conflict with the environment,” says John Cirrincione. As general manger for Vee Quiva, Cirrincione speaks with enthusiasm when discussing the casino, staff and new projects currently taking place that will physically alter Vee Quiva. Having 20-plus years in the gaming industry, he speaks with the detail, energy, pride and excitement of someone who understands the necessity for solid customer service, customer satisfaction and value.

With an emphasis on insuring that guests have the best experience possible, the casino has been part of a major remolding project. According to Cirrincione, it is all about maximizing value and enjoyment. “We do what we can do to make it right,” he adds.

Begun in January of this year, with a ground breaking ceremony that included a blessing ceremony performed by Joseph Enos, spiritual leader of the Gila River Native American Community, the remolding is not a small scale undertaking. It is a major reworking of the elements that have made the casino a success–and a refinement of those that are already working. The Gila River Casinos have done very well and for Vee Quiva, that translates into an ambitious renovation.

The four-part plan that makes up the total renovation program concludes in the fall of this year. The plan includes 10,000 square feet of additional space, a new and improved Bingo hall, additional slot machines, added Black Jack and Poker tables, a renovated restaurant, a full service lounge and 250 additional parking spaces, along with a new entrance under construction, these are the obvious visible signs of the remolding.

Less obvious are the behind-the-scenes elements being revised. Soundproofing the Bingo room and an improved air circulation system are the kind of touches that enhance enjoyment, but may not be readily noticed. Another less-obvious touch, are the new doors for the Bingo room. Their most important feature is that they will permit a very quiet gaming environment. They are, incidentally, not inexpensive.

When Cirrincione says “We want to make it first class,” the doors are proof positive that details are being attended to closely. However, one does not have to look at the doors. “Every dollar we spend has to improve the guest experience,” says Cirrincione.

Safety, integrity and customer service are key points that rise often when talking to Cirrincione. They are very much the goals of the casino with the revisions as a means to achieve them. But the expansion project is not only about physical details. It is that personal interaction, and the way things are done.

Walking through the casino on any given day, the service is polite, efficient and omni present. On the day I arrived, I was greeted, asked if I needed anything several times. Wondering if it was just a lucky day, I visited a second time. The service was just as friendly, just as welcoming.

Hitting the right tone between being attentive and proactive, the service is polite and warm without being intrusive. Clean, even with the remolding, with the exception of a few visible reminders that a construction process is taking place, little interferes with your ability to enjoy the enhancements that have already been implemented. “We want to make it first class,” says Cirrincione

For those that enjoy spirits while gaming, those are available as well, but they are not the centerpiece of the experience. Offered as more of a courtesy, the overall impression of the place is that of a nice getaway from the usual. As a way to pass a few hours, or just have a pleasant diversion, Vee Quiva has the right ingredients to give you that taste of Vegas without the stress of travel.

Vee Quiva Casino
6443 N. Komatke Drive
Laveen, Arizona 85339
Open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Web Site:


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