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Sunday, August 19, 2018

High School Graduates Beware, College Is a Risky Investment

Forty-four percent of those who start college will not finish and 70 percent of those who do graduate will be unhappy in their career within five years. That means parents have just a 17 percent chance their pricey college investment will lead to a successful and fulfilling future for their child.

By focusing on the future, not just their GPA, students can prevent this "college crisis," say recent graduates and authors Andrew Hewitt and Luc d’Abadie. They, too, believed high grades from a reputable school was the ticket to success, but subsequently found out otherwise. In "The Power of Focus for College Students," Hewitt and d’Abadie offer an alternate view of what students need and what employers want in today’s marketplace (HCI Books, $12.95).

Their approach to college includes:
The Experience-focused formula — international exchange programs + internships/coops + extracurricular activities + innovative programs = the four student experiences that are guaranteed to make college the absolute best investment of your life.
The Passion Puzzle(TM) ( http://www.passionpuzzle.com/ ) — this fun and free activity allows students to clearly define what career they will be passionate about. The primary reason students do not graduate into a fulfilling career is because they pursue the high-paying job instead of what they are truly passionate about.
How needed is this information? Ask Donald Trump. He wrote the foreword for the book and has recently asked Hewitt and d’Abadie to become educators for his new venture, Trump University.
"People called us crazy when we turned down six-figure job offers to pursue our passions, but we think it would be crazy not to," says Hewitt.
"Success after high school is not measured by grades, degrees or distinctions. Success in college is discovering what career you will love and gaining the skills to excel in that career," says d’Abadie.
Hewitt and d’Abadie are twenty-somethings on a mission. Through "The Power of Focus for College Students," which is part of the internationally bestselling "Power of Focus" series, their speaking tour and courses through Trump University, they are putting an end to the "college crisis."

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