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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Laveen Community Council Looks to Increase Volunteer Efforts

Recently hired by a subcommittee of the Laveen Community Council, Stephanie Horton is on a mission to expand volunteer efforts in Laveen. As volunteer coordinator, she’s on the search for anyone interested in becoming involved with the community.
The challenge, however, is getting residents to realize the level of need and the number of options available.
 “There are a ton of different groups – just in our area – that could really use volunteers,” Horton stressed. “There are volunteer opportunities for anyone who has an hour available a week.”
Some of those groups include the Laveen Community Council, Laveen Lions Club, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, 4-H, Arizona Humane Society and YMCA, as well as various sports leagues, schools and churches.
Just as the community’s population has increased, so has the need for support at these local organizations. To help place people with the most appropriate organizations, the Laveen Community Council will soon launch a “virtual volunteer referral center” at www.laveen.org. The online service will allow people to view job descriptions and pick locations where they would like to contribute their time.
Generating volunteers is the first step in a five-year plan by the Laveen Community Council to build a community center for hosting services and events in Laveen. Discussions about temporary locations are ongoing, as are talks to use land around Cesar Chavez Park.
“There are some places, but that’s the long-term goal,” Horton added. “In the interim, there are places people can go to volunteer now and get immersed in the community. That’s really the short-term, immediate goal and need.”
Residents interested in volunteering can contact Horton at 602.237.9100, ext. 1246, or via e-mail at sg_horton@hotmail.com.

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