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Sunday, July 22, 2018

South Mountain Community College Athletic Director Named Top Administrator

Athletic Director Chris Hanes is proud to be part of South Mountain Community College.  For the past two years, she’s headed the athletic department at the school with more than 150 student athletes.  In her 17 years as a basketball coach throughout the country, she says there is no place like South Mountain.
“I love South Mountain, I’ve been back and forth to a lot of places, and I will always come back to it,” she said.
Haines was recently named a 2005 Top Administrator, presented by the National Association of College Women Athletic Administrators in Kansas City.  If anything, the award serves as a reminder of what is still out there to do to make South Mountain Community College a better place.
“Sometimes I feel like there is a lot more we want to do before awards,” she added.
And making sure things get done is her top priority.  In that list are: a big fundraising push and making it easier for student athletes’ grades to be tracked electronically.
 “It’s important for us to see that they (athletes) graduate,” she said.  Haines wants to change the athletic culture at South Mountain and wants to bring in more sponsors for its programs.  She is hopeful that with the recent growth in the South Mountain area people will be more familiar with South Mountain Community College. “We want them (athletes) to come back and still want to part of the program when they are gone,” she said.
One of the programs Haines implemented is FARS, which stands for Faculty Athletic Reps. Each team has one faculty member who monitors and helps the student athletes who may be experiencing some difficulty in the classroom. “We ask them to be as involved as they want to be and let the students come to them and talk with the kids before they turn into something they can’t turn the clock back on,” said Haines. She also implemented one community service project for each team as part of their semester goals. 
“If you say ‘we want to be this kind of people’, then we have to act on it, not just talk about it,” she adds.
When asked what it is that she loves about her job, Haines said, “The best thing about it is that everyday I get to make a difference, and that is something that not everybody gets to do.” Haines goals include going back into the classroom and teaching Psychology.  She likes the connection with the rest of the college—it’s something she hardly gets as Athletic Director. When asked about retirement, she told the South Mountain District News, staying at SMCC is a definite possibility.  Her dream is to retire teaching at a small college.
Before coming to South Mountain Community College, Haines coached at Yankton College, Baker University, Weber State, and Mesa Community College. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Education from Black Hill State University and her Masters in Educational Counseling from Northern Arizona University.

For more information on South Mountain athletics, log on to www.southmountaincc.edu


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