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Sunday, July 22, 2018

‘Yes’ is a Powerful Word

Congratulations! You did it.
In my last column I encouraged you to support your neighborhoods, support your Village and your community by supporting all seven bond proposals on March 14.
You did it. You said ““yes”” to building your city’s future – and here’s how your neighborhoods will benefit because of it: A new fire station in Estrella Village. Land for a new police station in Estrella Village. The reconstruction of the Harmon Library, and money for the South Mountain Village Regional Library. A Senior Center at 51st Avenue and Lower Buckeye Road. The Rio Salado Audubon Center will benefit from the bonds, as will the Cesar Chavez/Santa Rita Cultural Center. As will Rio Salado Oeste, and the Salvation Army, South Mountain Center.
You also agreed to funding similar things in Villages all around Phoenix. Because all seven bond propositions were approved, the entire city will benefit. The future of Phoenix includes a $40 million makeover of the city’s west side. There’s also the unprecedented partnership with Arizona State University to revitalize not just the downtown but also the Valley’s economic base.
You said “yes” to police and fire protection and to technology that helps them do their jobs. You said “yes” to education. You said “yes” to parks and mountain preserves. You said “yes” to arts and culture, to community centers and libraries. You said “yes” to housing that is affordable for families. You said “yes” to streets and sewers and basic infrastructure. You said “yes” to improving your neighborhoods.
You also said “yes” to the same quality of life and range of opportunities in Phoenix that we’ve always had. By reinvesting in your communities, you’ve also given young people a lot of reasons to stay right here in Phoenix instead of wanting to move somewhere else. Speaking of wanting to move, more educational and bioscience facilities are now moving to Phoenix. They will create new jobs and a brighter economic future.
In 20 years, historians will be able to look back at the 2006 bond election and hail it as one of the transforming moments in the city’s history. Yes, the size and scope of this bond package are that significant. Your investment of more than $878 billion in your city will rank with the establishment of Charter Government in 1948, the council district system reform in 1982 and the countywide half-cent sales-tax vote in 1985 that established the freeway system here.
Of course bond programs are about projects and using our resources to build things. But, bond programs are also about people. From one person to another, I say, “Thank you.”

I love this city. I love its people. And thanks to what voters approved in March, now we all have seven brand new reasons to love it even more.


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