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Sunday, July 22, 2018

City Council Approves Partnership with Republic Services

The Phoenix City Council recently approved a three-year agreement with Republic Services, Inc. to accept, transfer and dispose of solid waste and process recyclables. This partnership will allow both parties to use each other’s facilities that will create operational efficiencies by reducing miles traveled and fuel consumption. The estimated cost savings will be nearly half a million dollars during the partnership’s duration.

“The City of Phoenix staff and leadership are continuously looking for ways to increase efficiencies and identify new cost saving measures,” said  Councilwoman Peggy Neely, chair of the Council’s Transportation, Infrastructure and Sustainability Subcommittee. “This partnership is a perfect example of the city and private sector working together to save money for both entities and passing on the savings to residents.”

This agreement also allows Phoenix to process recyclable material collected by Republic and to pay the Republic a portion of the revenue received from the sale of the materials. This benefits both the city and Republic Services by efficiently using a regional facility to process recycling close to its collection source.

“Republic is proud to have formed this partnership with a city that shares our commitment to protect the environment,” said Steve Meyer, area president for Republic. “This agreement means that Republic will use less fuel, which will reduce our carbon footprint. By our trucks using an existing infrastructure, the residents of Phoenix will benefit by less wear and tear on our streets.”


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