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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Laveen School District Installs Solar Panels

The Laveen School District has contracted with SolarCity Corporation for the installation and operation of Solar Generating Systems at two school sites, Cheatham Elementary and Desert Meadows School. One of the many benefits of this program includes the district’s participation in the Salt River Project (SRP) Earthwise Commercial Solar Electric Program. As part of this program, the district qualifies to take advantage of the incentives offered by SRP to install and operate up to 600 kilowatts of solar power generating systems at the two district school sites for the current year. This site-generated solar electricity will be consumed at the two schools by the electrical-powered equipment or sold back to SRP when not consumed.

The new solar panels will be ground-mounted on structures in the parking areas at both schools and are in addition to the solar panels already installed on the roof. The new structures are being constructed at no cost to the district and will provide clean, renewable energy. The solar systems are guaranteed to generate nearly $500,000 in electric utility savings for the district over the 20-year agreement. Construction has already begun at both school sites.


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